You're praying for your neighbors and want to start a Bible study group. We've found hosting a gathering is a great place to begin. Here are some practical steps to guide you.

Want to get to know the people around you? Invite them over or out for some food, conversation, games, and laughter.  A gathering can help knit together as friends the people in your neighborhood, workplace, and social networks. Having fun together first can build great bridges. Through the natural relationships formed there, you'll be able to ask questions like:

"Hey, in January when the kids go back to school, would you be interested in doing a 6-week Bible study together?"

"I've enjoyed our time together.  Would you like to meet in the conference room at lunch for a Bible study group?

Over time, as you listen to those around you in conversation, you will hear their spiritual needs that could be met through a Bible study. Ultimately, as you continue to care for people, remember their real need is Jesus. Be looking for those who show an interest, so you can invite them to your Bible study group.

We have practical ideas to help you plan your gathering. There are questions to help you get ready, invitations, and other resources to make it easy. Check out the tool box with resources and help yourself!