The purpose of hosting a gathering is to get to know your neighbors and to gauge interest in a Bible study group.

Plan your event:

  • Once you determine where God has called you to lead, sow broadly!  Invite all people in that circle (neighbors, co-workers, etc.). 
  • Decide when and where. 

Ideas for Inviting:

The most effective invitation has a personal touch, whether it is an initial face-to-face conversation, or a follow-up to a digital or printed invitation. First consider sending a flyer, printed invitation, Evite, group email or text, newsletter, or post a notice on a message board. Then personally reach out to those you invited.

There are sample invitations to download and adapt for your needs in the Connect tool box. These are best displayed, edited, and printed from a PC. Also check out the NBS2GO Pinterest Invitations board.

Gathering Guide:

During your gathering, relax and enjoy while you get to know some new friends. Here are a few ideas to get conversations started. Toward the end of your time together, ask if anyone would be interested in starting a Bible study group with you. For example, “We had such a great time together. Starting a Bible study group is on my heart. Would you like to join me?” Be sure to collect contact information so that you can invite them to the study. 

A few things to consider when planning:

  • Day to meet
  • Frequency – Will you meet weekly or bi-weekly?
  • Time – Will studies be held in the morning or evening?
  • Location– If you lead the study, we highly recommend that it be held somewhere other than your own home.
  • Child Care – If there is a need for child care, we suggest that the children are cared for in a place other than where you will meet.

Prayerfully consider the answers to the following questions so you can communicate effectively the expectations for your Bible study group.

  • Who is your audience? Most likely you will have a diverse group consisting of seekers, new believers, and mature Christians.
  • What kind of study? We recommend beginning with LIGHT or WEAVER  from the 2GO Bible Studies. This series is designed to give leaders a simple tool to guide their group through Scripture. 

Now it’s time to host your event! 


What is NBS2GO?

NBS2GO = Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO. This website is the simple packaging of ideas, resources, and inspiration to equip believers to launch and multiply Bible study groups.

What's the big deal about a neighbor Bible study group?

A neighbor Bible study group brings together a wide range of seekers and Christ-followers to study, discuss, and encourage one another toward life application of God’s Word. This blending of spiritual maturity levels creates a dynamic, life-transforming community. Friendships are formed, and group members are equipped to minister to others where they do life. 

NLT Scripture references on and in publications, unless otherwise noted.

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