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The Exponential Effect of Loving Your Neighbors


Have you ever had one of those really awkward moments where words shared with you just hang in the air? 

You want to respond positively, but somehow you can’t think of anything to say. This took place with Elidia during a Bible study she hosted. She was excited to begin a Bible study with a neighbor God had put on her heart. And then this happened...

“The only reason I’m coming to your Bible study is because I want to be a good neighbor,” her newElidia 01 neighbor said awkwardly as she looked down at her notebook.  Elidia swallowed hard.  Oh no, she doesn’t want to come, she feels obligated to come. What good am I really doing? Lord, am I doing this right? She whispered a prayer of faith and decided to move forward. “What did this passage show you about Jesus?” Elidia asked, resuming the Bible study conversation. But inside she felt confused. Why is my neighbor so resistant? she wondered to herself. Well, at least she keeps coming. . . 

Fast forward two years later, and something wonderful happened.  They were sitting around Elidia’s kitchen table as usual, but this neighbor’s eyes sparkled. “Last night He spoke to me,” she said.  “He spoke just two words: ‘I AM.’” This encounter with Jesus Christ transformed her. She became a Christian and instantly wanted to share her faith with others in their trailer court in Southhaven, Michigan. She had caught a vision for neighbor ministry!

Soon more women began to join the original two Bible study members. Elidia told her husband, “My group is growing so fast – we need to buy a new wraparound couch!”  They decided that was something they wanted anyway and took the plunge to purchase a larger, inviting sofa. When the expansive item arrived, she could hardly wait for the next Bible study.  She happily invited the ladies to find a seat on the soft cushions. They looked at the couch, but didn’t move towards it. “Is everything  okay? Would you like to try out my new couch?” Elidia asked, bewildered. “Well, we want to stay at the table, close to everybody,” someone said. “It feels comforting.” The others nodded in agreement. So the nine women crowded around Elidia’s kitchen table once again that Monday. It was then that she realized the ladies already had what they needed the most; they all sensed the wraparound love of one another that came from God. 

Elidia 02 “We like seeing how the Lord can help us with every situation,” said Elidia. Last year, two widows joined the group. They have all cried together in their “wraparound” bond of fellowship.  

Elidia knows that God’s Word is powerful, it transforms and heals! It has changed her life and those in her Bible study. She longs for all nine ladies to share the Good News with others around them. Sometimes people think they can’t start a Bible study in their neighborhood, but NBS2GO makes it possible. 

Would you like to begin a neighbor Bible study? Elidia started here. We look forward to hearing how the Lord will use you!

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Tuesday, 31 January 2023

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