We know Valentine's is a special time of year and we want to help you know how to use it as an opportunity for loving the people right where you live, work, or connect. I have designed a guide to help! Having a guide helps keep my thoughts organized in one place. It's really just a way for me to stop missing important details when I want to have a purpose-driven gathering for others.  I'm an ideas person, so I put a ton of details as potential considerations. Some may be unnecessary to your situation; just leave those blank and move to something that would be helpful.

NBS2GO Valentines Gathering Guide

In the Prayer section, there is a very important question: What is the desired outcome of this party? Here's what I wrote: “That my neighbors would experience and know God loves them and begin new relationships that will allow them to better love one another.” That's why all of the details, less free/me time, and taking risks in relationships will be worth it. God's love for us isn't something that we all know, and even those of us who do know often don’t live like it and share that love with others.  Listen carefully: there is someone who needs God’s love who just walked past your mailbox or waved from the doorstep of their house. Will you wait until next year? I know sometimes that is the right answer. But whenever you decide to host a Valentine’s or any purposeful gathering, remember to keep the end in mind. God loves your heart that wants to connect others to Him. Follow His lead and voice, and watch the amazing plans He has for you and your neighbors unfold.
I am excited to share this guide with you and you can find a blank one here!