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Who Doesn't Love a Party?

Did you know that the Christmas season is the No. 1 time when people are most open to consider matters of faith? Among adult Americans, 47 percent of people are OPEN to matters of faith. There is no better SOCIAL season ... and no more open time in people's lives. Christmastime is a perfect time to DREAM dreams for the Kingdom of God!

Little did I know, when I spoke for two Christmas Gatherings in 1981, that it was the beginning of a lifelong adventure that would be used of God to touch lives literally all over the world! Today, through Christmas Gatherings, thousands have indicated that they have received Jesus Christ, and numerous follow-up Bible studies have been started. Not only have the Gatherings brought exciting changes in people’s lives through a relationship with Jesus Christ, but they also foster incomparable growth opportunities for Christians who want to reach out and share their faith with others.

What is a Christmas Gathering?

Christmas Gatherings are holiday parties! They feature seasonal goodies, sharing of Christmas traditions and a brief, non-threatening talk on the meaning of Christmas. They provide a time for people to invite their neighbors or other groups into their home to hear about the love of Jesus Christ. About one out of every three Gatherings causes enough interest in a Bible study to start a study for that group right in the neighborhood!

What are the benefits of a Christmas Gathering?

  • An opportunity to reach out to others and build loving relationships

  • Learning to share the Gospel clearly and with relevance

  • Modeling the simplicity of prayer - talking to God about the desires of our heart

  • Providing your home as a safe environment to not only hear about Jesus Christ, but also to learn about Him in His Word

  • Counteracts the trend of isolation. Many people are never invited into someone’s home, and they are honored to be included.

  • Requires only two people to initiate – host and speaker

  • The privilege of experiencing the joy of trusting God

How does it work?

  • Create an invitation that includes the phrase: “a friend will share some inspiring thoughts about Christmas.”

  • Present a 10 to 15-minute talk by someone other than the host that includes the following:

    • A Christmas theme

    • A clear non-threatening presentation of the Gospel

    • An opportunity to receive Jesus Christ

    • An opportunity to respond to the host and speaker

    • An opportunity to attend a Bible Study

The best part is that this is a simple idea that anyone can do! After reading the manual or attending a training session, people say they feel prepared to share Christ in their home or workplace. Our prayer is that God would create in each of us a heart that loves and cares enough about the people around us that we are compelled to lift Jesus up and share Him in a way that brings Him glory and moves people toward God.

The essence of the ministry of Christmas Gatherings is found in I Thessalonians 2:8: “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the Gospel of God, but our lives as well.”

Merry Christmas!

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Joyce Bademan
Founder and National Director, Christmas Gatherings

From the website Christmas Gatherings ... Visit the website for a free download of a Christmas Gatherings manual in English, Spanish and Chinese! Like Christmas Gatherings on Facebook here.
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Wednesday, 26 February 2020

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