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When 2 Prayers Collide


At NBS2GO, we regularly encourage one another to be still before the Lord and listen. Why spin our wheels coming up with what we should do rather than join God where He’s already at work? We encourage one another to “just knit the next row”!

This summer was one of our first summers at home (traditionally we’ve ministered to college students around the country and the world).  As we asked the Lord how to invest our summer well, the answer collided with another prayer, “Lord, how do we spiritually invest in our kids and their peers?”  In late April, as our church’s middle school Bible study was winding down for the summer, my son, Charlie, approached my husband and I with a simple request: “Will you lead a Bible study for my friends this summer?” I’ve always said that leading Middle and High Schoolers wasn’t in my wheelhouse, but when God clearly lays out a path, I want to walk down it.  And so we invited the neighborhood friends (who Charlie informed us would never go to church with him but WOULD come to our home).  Word got out and friends started bringing friends….and it was such a sweet gift from God!  Other parents offered to provide meals (b/c we planned to feed the group each week), and for 4 weeks these kiddos have shared meals, looked at how Jesus interacted with people in Scripture, and played games together. 

We decided to use the same simple Bible Study resources we’ve used with our adult groups this past year, and it made hosting and facilitating so easy.  If you’re interested in beginning any type of Bible Study group, consider checking out nbs2go.com.  We used the “Light” study and adapted it to meet our group’s needs by just reading and discussing once a week rather than asking the kids to read the passage daily on their own.

God doesn’t have a list of “to-dos” like I tend to have hanging around.  He wants me to be available.  He wants me to be ready to say “yes” when He presents an opportunity.  I could have found a list of reasons NOT to host this Bible Study.  I’ve never led young people, our lives feel too full, no one will come…..but does it really matter?  God is the one at work, doing the work, calling people to Himself!  And it is amazing to consider that He invites us into His work.  He invites us to be a part of introducing others to Him.  I’ll never get over it as long as I live:  the God of the universe doesn’t need me, but he loves to have me by His side as he seeks out lost sheep! 

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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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