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To Start or Not to Start? That is the Question!

Let’s face it, we all have concerns or fears of beginning a neighborhood Bible study. Taking this step requires faith and trust that Lord is going before us. For those of us who have begun, we definitely know how you might feel!  We’ve compiled from our website a list of five of our most Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Who can start a Neighborhood Bible Study (NBS)?

If you love God and desire to share His love with others, then you are qualified to start an NBS!

2. What if I don’t live in a neighborhood?

No problem! Your neighbors include people: on your street, in your apartment or condo complex, in your village or small community, in your place of work, school, club or other relational network. A neighbor is whomever God brings into your life, whether at home, work or through other networks or connections. Pray and follow the Spirit’s leading in adapting NBS2GO to your circle of "neighbors."

3. Do I need the gift of teaching to lead an NBS?

In a word, “No!” In fact, leading a Bible study that produces life-change in all participants needs discussion, not lecture. View yourself as a facilitator. While there are places and purposes for teaching/lecturing (one-way communication), your NBS is not one of them. Spend time developing skills in leading good discussions and asking open-ended questions.

4. What if someone asks me a question and I don’t know the answer?

You do not need to have all of the answers, and you never will have them, for that matter. Humbly admitting that you do not know the answer is a wonderful lesson and example for your group. You can acknowledge that it is a great question and if time permits, open it up to the group. Encourage Scripture-supported answers. You may suggest that the NBS member seek an answer to the question and share the answer with the group the next week.

5. What if no one--or only a few--come?

This has happened to some of us who are now leading thriving studies. Don’t view this as a shut door! It is important to ask yourself several questions. “Was it a bad time of day? Was it a busy time for most people?” You may also want to ask yourself, “Do I have relationships with my neighbors? How can I meet more neighbors so they can get to know me? How can I build trust or show love?” You may want to spend more time trying to initiate relationships and PRAY! Then, try again!

Our website has more FAQs here!

Each of us on the NBS2go team have walked through beginning a neighborhood Bible study. We each have had individual concerns and fears. We want to encourage you by saying that as we have taken a step of faith, the Lord has showed up in ways that we never imagined. Remember that “faithful is He who has called you, and He will bring it to pass.”  1 Thessalonians 5:24

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Sunday, 25 August 2019

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