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Runaway Dog Brings A Heart Closer To Him


It was a balmy June evening as several neighbors and myself gathered in a front lawn for our weekly Neighborhood Bible study. Since COVID 19, we have sought creative ways to gather together in socially distanced ways, creating an atmosphere of safety and comfort for everyone.

As we shared insights from that week’s scripture passage, we could not help notice the brown and white, bounding ball of canine energy dashing about from yard to yard.

Now fully fixed on this fast moving flash of fur, we realized our neighbor's Jack Russell dog had escaped the safety of his home and was fully enjoying every moment of leashless freedom. When the yipping little dog ran into the middle of our wide circle of lawn chairs, our Bible discussion quickly became a lively ‘doggy catching mission’ complete with squeals and puppy calling noises.

The little dog ran right into the protective hands of one of the ladies at the same time that the dog’s owner walked into our Bible study circle breathing expressions of thanks and relief.

“We are just getting ready to discuss a Bible passage, please join us” one of the ladies invited.

“I am not really a Bible person”, Paula indicated “but can you explain to me a little of how this discussion works?” I shared that we generally read a passage and share thoughts using insightful questions designed to help us think more deeply about the scripture. Intrigued, Paula joined our group that night and has come to our neighborhood Bible study every week since. Paula expressed her heart as she openly shared that she is drawn to our group by the love and light she experiences each week.

This has me thinking. I wonder how many people God would bring if I anticipated these “disruptions” as divine moments He created? Could it be that God would guide a runaway dog into a circle of women to draw someone to Himself? How often do I underestimate the creative lengths to which He will go to reach those He loves?

The brief canine catching encounter created a divine moment, a beautiful interruption to allow His Spirit to work.

Click here if you would like to see the NBS2GO Bible study that was so intriguing to Paula. 

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Friday, 22 September 2023

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