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Neighboring in Every Season

Neighboring in Every Season

Hey, mamas. Lots of thoughts are racing through my mind as I sit at the YMCA typing, praying, and asking God to give me words to encourage you around partnering with God to love your neighbors.  

First, let's start with our reality. Motherhood is a beautiful gift from God. It is a high calling, and stewarding the hearts of our children is a great honor. You are doing a great job and carrying a lot that often goes unnoticed and under-appreciated. What I do not want you to hear from me is "DO MORE!" 

Motherhood can be sneaky. If we're not careful, it has a way of taking over every area of our lives. While it's true that we are affected physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually by these tiny humans we love so much, I do not believe that once you are a mother you are rendered useless to God outside of your home. Yes, your capacity is different than it once was, but I believe motherhood is a season of low capacity, AND high opportunity. 

Do you want to influence those around you for Jesus? Preparing the way through prayer and time in Scripture is key. Just like you prep for a trip to the zoo with snacks and water and diapers and more snacks (ha!), you also have to pave the way for success in ministry. Start small. You don't need to completely change your routine, just tweak it a little. 

Here's one example: how do you spend your time in carpool line? Are you scrolling your phone? What if you committed to praying for the friends in your son’s/daughter’s class every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Pray for their parents, for opportunities to interact with them inside and outside of school to build relationships. Ask God to give you a heart for those around you.  Maybe you could plan a play date with someone God brings to mind? Ask Him to guide the conversation and help you love and see them as He does. 

It's not about doing anything FOR God but rather WITH God. Let Him lead you. 

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Thursday, 19 May 2022

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