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Neighborhood Multiplication


Recently I had the privilege of sitting down with a group of women at a local church to discuss loving our neighbors by inviting them to study God’s Word.

We introduced ourselves, and I quickly realized among those present were prayer warriors, veteran Bible study leaders and many who had a heart for their neighbors but weren’t sure where to begin.

Three women sitting in the room embodied two of the spiritual principles NBS2GO is committed to: PRAYER and MULTIPLICATION. An older woman shared that she and her husband had led Bible studies in their neighborhoods for more than 40 years but were eager to have new ideas and resources. A middle-aged woman shared that she’d joined a neighbor Bible study many years before and placed her faith in Jesus and was now ready to step out and begin her own study. And a third woman shared that for years she’d cultivated a practice of praying for her neighbors. She then pointed at the middle-aged woman and said, “As a matter of fact, I used to pray for her almost daily as I’d watch her walk by my kitchen window!”   

I sat stunned for a moment. “Wait!” I exclaimed. “YOU prayed for HER way back when and then SHE went to THIS OTHER WOMAN’S study in the neighborhood and became a believer!” The three of them nodded their heads like it was the most normal thing in the world.

And maybe it is.

Or maybe it should be.  

God multiplies our lives out when we do as Paul taught Timothy: Teach God’s word to reliable men who will also teach others. All the while, we must remember that it is God who takes small spiritual seeds we plant and grows them to be fruitful trees producing more fruit. Without prayer, we labor in vain. These three women were only obedient to do the next thing God directed them to do: One prayed as she saw neighbors, one invited neighbors to study the Bible, and the third, after being impacted by the other two women’s walks with the Lord, is taking the next step to begin another neighbor Bible study.

Can we simply take the next step like these three women?

Can we faithfully pray for those around us, even when we don’t know what God is doing?

Can we open our lives up to others and invite them to study God’s Word with us?

Can we commit to never stop growing and learning better ways to love our neighbors?  

I showed up at this church to encourage and equip a group of women. I was the one spurred on to continue loving my neighbors and inviting them to explore God’s Word.

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Thursday, 23 March 2023

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