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National Good Neighbor Day is September 28th


National Good Neighbor Day is Wednesday, September 28th, and we have filled this newsletter with ideas to inspire you!

Created in the early 1970s, National Good Neighbor Day was established by presidential proclamation in 1978 by Jimmy Carter. Every year, all across the country, people make an extra effort on September 28th to intentionally be a good neighbor and build community.

What a gift to have a day set aside on our calendar to reach out to be a good neighbor. Whether you live in student housing, a neighborhood, in the country or retirement home, let this day inspire you to be intentional. This is a great opportunity to reach out with God’s love and meaningful connection.

Consider the following:

“Half of lonely adults … reported that no one in the past few weeks had ‘taken more than just a few minutes’ to ask how they are doing in a way that made them feel like the person ‘genuinely cared.’” A Harvard study on “Loneliness in America” by Richard Weissbourd.

How about your neighbors? Could it be that God is nudging you to “genuinely care” for someone next door, around the corner or up the street?

Pray for neighbors

Praying for neighbors is always a good idea. Your prayers invite God to open hearts and doors - literally and figuratively. His Spirit will move in to your areas of influence, and God will transform lives and families. Ask a neighbor to join you in prayer this September 28th for your neighborhood. If you need tips on what to pray, check out these eight prayers from our website.

Here is a sample.

Dear Lord, I pray that You would bring peace in the relationships of those around me. May You enable them to forgive and to act with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience towards others. Most of all, give them love for You and Your people – a love that acts courageously and sacrificially on behalf of others and leads them to Your saving love.muffins with national good neighbor tag

Connect with neighbors

Look at these tags created by Family Life, a Cru ministry. They provide space to write a simple note of greeting. If possible, include a treat along with the tag. Cookies or banana bread will communicate, “I care for you, I see you.” Take time for a simple conversation as you deliver, allowing the opportunity for connection.

Here are a few inspiring thoughts to write. 

  • “I’m so glad God made us neighbors.”
  • “You are so kind to our family (or pet). Thank you for being a good neighbor.”
  • “I always appreciate your smile and wave.”
  • “You make this neighborhood a better place.”
  • “Your yard is always beautiful. Thanks for making our neighborhood a great place to live.”
  • “You’re my cup of tea.” Include tea with this idea. 

Build Community

  • Invite a neighbor or two to join you for coffee, a walk or a meal during the week of September 28th. You don’t have to cook. Store-bought items are perfect and feed hungry friends too. 
  • Hosting a BBQ or potluck block party is also a great way to build community and get to know others. Remember, it’s not about the food but the conversations that will happen around your table. 
  • Ask a neighbor to join you in bringing flowers to a widow or single mom.

Influence Others

  • Take a minute to encourage other believers to reach out to their neighbors on this day. Ask a neighbor to join you in making these tags and hand them out together. 
  • What about mobilizing your church or Sunday school class to do this? 
  • Share the prayer and tag ideas with a good friend and see what God leads you to do.

What are your plans for National Good Neighbor Day? Did one idea stand out to you? Do you have another idea? Please share with us what the Lord leads you to do.

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