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My Life Is Different Because Of You


Meggan’s neighbor, Sarah, shared this sentence with her in a moment of vulnerability. The emotion could be heard in her voice. This friend shared a true appreciation for their growing friendship. Sarah went on to explain that when she met Meggan, she had been going through the motions of life, kids and work, and it was wearing on her.

Even though she was busy with all these tasks what she really wanted was a deeper connection with people. About this time, Meggan gave her an invitation. It wasn’t the kind of invitation that came with a cute meme from a phone or a note in an envelope. She simply invited her to do life with her and others

As a Christ-follower in her neighborhood, Meggan’s desire is to reach her neighbors and live in community with them. 

Wouldn’t you want to live in Meggan’s neighborhood? Better yet, how about you and I commit to building a community just like she has?

“They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people.”

It is the way God has wired us as humans. We desire to be with one another, to be known and to be connected to the people around us. When we “break bread and eat together,” we experience this type of fellowship. As believers in Christ, let us pray for and be proactive to generate this atmosphere with the people around us.

Here are three aspects of building community:

1. Real friendships

Be on the lookout for ways to introduce neighbors to neighbors: on walks, at a potluck, cook-out or fire pit night. Create a community where people call on one another for help, spend time together and know what is really going on in one another's lives.

2. True hospitality

Hospitality is not about the way our homes look or the kind of food we serve. We build community when we welcome and serve our neighbors according to their needs. We can give neighbors a seat at our dinner tables and a safe place to share their worries. As we create this environment, it will be a place where neighbors will want to do the same for others, and hospitality becomes a part of the atmosphere of the neighborhood.

3. A place to belong 

We can include, support and care for one another when we create space for community.  From writing notes, texting and checking in regularly to finding opportunities to have fun, we can move from isolation to belonging. This is a powerful part of building a real community.

Have you built community with the people around you? What ideas do you have to share?

Discover how to lead a Bible study with your neighbors.

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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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