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Lord, don't I need new clothes?

What is keeping you from reaching out to your neighbors?  Are you hiding behind your door?

So far NBS2GO has encouraged you to host a Bible study in your home, emphasizing that it doesn’t matter what type of countertops you have, where you live, and if you serve food.  Think about it.  Jesus wasn’t meeting with His followers in a Joanna Gaines decorated farmhouse with a serene setting and tasteful hors d’oeuvres.  He fearlessly met them where they were – on the road, near the synagogue, in their homes.  He wasn’t focused on the external, but the internal.  Newsflash, He wasn’t worried about what He was wearing either.

Over the years since my children were born, I have made many excuses for not gathering with other women.  One of them centers around not having anything to wear.  Seriously!  Not talking about your typical packed closet with unwanted choices for the moment.  More like drawers replete with items that do not fit.  It is hard enough to step out in faith and lead a Bible study if you are marginally confident in your abilities to at least open in prayer, lean on the Word, and start a discussion.  It is even harder if you are completely uncomfortable in your own, plentiful, skin.

You can tell yourself all the same platitudes…the ones you have heard before.  Yet, it all boils down to one thing…the confidence to be who you are in Christ.

Time is up. Gig over. Own it.  By the grace of God and an unimaginable gift of a precious Son, we are FORGIVEN and can have a sweet, personal relationship with God.  We are nIMG_8156ot defined by our size, the baby weight (even if our youngest baby is 16 years old…can I call it that?), the ornery number on the scale, or our wardrobe – or lack thereof.

We are LOVED and called His.

We are also empowered by Him!  We can pour and squeeze ourselves into whatever is relatively comfortable and OPEN our front doors to other women who need Him.  It IS about HIM.

“For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”  Luke 11:10

 So, if what is holding you back from unlocking the door to hosting a Bible study in your home is what weighs you down; sweet sister, let go.  He loves youThe women will love you.  Stepping out in faith for Him and them, is more important than your comfort zone.  Countertops, home decor, fine china, haute couture (or clothes that fit) really and truly do not matter.  In this process, live FULLY in Him.  Your life will be overflowing instead of your muffin tops – blueberry that is, or scones.  In your obedience, you will be a gift to others and blessed beyond measure.


Rebecca is a wife of 23 years and a mother of two teen boys. A former educator, certified in three subject areas from P5 2Rebecca– 12th grade, she clearly can’t make up her mind (just ask her ever-patient husband).  Years ago, God placed Rebecca into the role of Editor for an online magazine, nurtured her love of writing and photography, and then delivered her to NBS2GO at its inception. Having recently moved, she is beginning a Bible study in their new neighborhood – with complete disregard to her wardrobe.  You can often find her reading a book, curled up with her two dogs, munching on raw carrots and green beans (her dogs that is).
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Sunday, 26 January 2020

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