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Light Shines In Southeast Asia


With sleepy eyes and coffee in hand, I logged onto the zoom call. It was March 11th at 6:00 am, and I had the incredible opportunity to connect with pastors and leaders from a closed country in south Asia. One pastor and his wife had invited a group of women to their home whose bright, colored dresses were matched only by their bright, eager smiles! This group of joyful believers were eager to receive encouragement towards reaching others for Christ.

The workshop came together in preparation for a trip that Anna Latshaw, her husband, and her parents took to this country shortly after an NBS2GO training workshop.  Early in 2023, Anna showed one of the pastors a copy of the NBS2GO LIGHT Bible study in their language. This pastor showed great interest in learning more about the Bible study and began planning a workshop that he could invite others to attend. As the workshop came together, God began to make more connections. There were two pastors from two different cities, along with the group at his home, several who are teachers.

May 11th proved to be an incredible moment of ministry. 

As a result of the workshop…

  1. Light penetrated darkness both through the workshop as well as through Anna and her team's ministering appointments March 15-25.
  2. Anna and her team reported fresh fillings of the Holy Spirit during their time in the country.
  3. There was strong and continuous internet connection throughout the zoom workshop on March 11th.
  4. God brought every person He wanted to be on the workshop.
  5. There was clarity in communication as Anna and I facilitated the workshop in English and a leader translated into their language.
  6. After the workshop, participants began to share how they intended to start the Bible studies. Five teachers on the workshop set an intention to begin Bible studies in the next two weeks.

If you or someone you know would like to host a workshop we welcome you to send an inquiry to contact@nbs2go.com.

Being The New Neighbor
What Makes NBS2GO Bible Studies Unique

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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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