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“I Think We’re More Game Night People”

“I Think We’re More Game Night People” “I Think We’re More Game Night People”

When my friend and I thought of starting a Bible study in the neighborhood, we knew we would definitely need to start with some kind of event to get to know people. I knew only a handful of my immediate neighbors; she didn’t know many at all. The NBS2GO website suggested inviting neighbors to a tea or coffee event. As we thought of that, it didn’t have much appeal to either one of us. “Would you come to a neighborhood coffee?” I asked her. “Probably not,” she said. So we decided to brainstorm what kind of event we would be likely to attend. “What do we like to do?” I asked. "I think we're more game night people," she said. Thus the idea for Ladies’ Game Night was born.

To advertise the first Ladies’ Game Night we printed flyers and posted them on all the mailboxes.We also posted this event in our neighborhood’s Nextdoor app. I walked my street and the one next to it, handing out flyers to anyone who answered their door, and taped them onto the doors of those who didn’t. And of course, we prayed. We prayed together, prayed when we walked in the neighborhood, and prayed with other friends.

Our first game night was a lot of fun and after my two-sentence announcement that we hoped to start a Bible study, four of the eight women said they would love to participate. In addition, all the women expressed interest in another game night. Since then we’ve had a game night every month and they’ve been a wonderful way for the women in our community to connect. At almost every game night a new woman decides to join our Bible study.

When COVID hit we were able to take Ladies’ Game Night online, meeting through Zoom! My co-leader and I have had a lot of fun each month discovering new ways we can play group games online.

Here are a few ideas we’ve done for online game night:

Trivia games (Any kind you have at home, or find questions online, competing in two teams)

Memory games (How many things can you write down from the picture?)

20 questions (Everyone but one person can see what that person is – in the chat bar. The person can ask 20 questions to figure out what they are.)

Psychiatrist (One person has to figure out what is wrong with everyone else. For example: They are all Disney characters. Each is the woman on her right. Each is a fruit. They are all Bible characters.)

Christmas in July trivia

Photo contests (Send in pictures the whole week before of “quarantine-themed” snapshots, funny or sweet. Give prizes for different categories. I delivered gift cards to their door the day after game night.)

Corona/quarantine-themed (or any theme) Pictionary (Send clues on private chat, use screen sharing and white board feature)

Charades (Send clues on the private chat feature)

Bingo https://myfreebingocards.com will generate 30 free bingo cards. You send each participant a link to her card. You can also personalize the bingo cards. (I used names of things in our neighborhood – street names, HOA, landmarks, funny neighborhood inside jokes.)

Game nights are always filled with a lot of laughs as well as some genuine, much-needed moments of connection for all of us.

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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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