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How To Plan An Egg Hunt


It was spring again and time for the Annual Egg Hunt in the neighborhood. I was searching for motivation to get this one together...again...by myself. Years earlier when I hosted the first hunt, I had been told to call it an "Egg Hunt", not an "Easter Egg Hunt". I was not permitted to use special messages or symbols inside the eggs to represent the Resurrection of Jesus, in other words - no religious talk. I was told there were people of many faiths, and we did not want to exclude anyone. In addition, for the last two years it was around freezing on the morning of each hunt. Only a few brave souls showed up (got plenty of eggs), then quickly left for home to get warm. So this year I was less than enthusiastic about the gathering. After all, what was the point if I couldn't share the meaning of the holiday?

Well, God reminded me that being a light starts with relationship.

Relationship starts with meeting people.

Meeting people starts with being in the same place at the same time...with others...at the Annual Egg Hunt.

So I proceeded to send out the invitation, buy $70 worth of plastic eggs and candy, and purchase drinks and bagels for snacks. I recruited my 14 year old son to help with the stuffing of the eggs the night before. I desperately called a friend to ask for help the next morning setting up and hiding the 200 eggs, which she gladly agreed to do. She brought her own son along to help.

As the time to begin the hunt approached we were blessed with 20 kids and their parents, including some grandparents as well. I was able to meet some new people and catch up with others I already knew. We played a few games and I gave special prizes for the kids who got the least amount of eggs. I was able to share that we wanted our neighborhood to be one of knowing and caring for each other and making it a good safe place to be. I was able to point out that it was Easter weekend and if people were looking for a service to attend there were many churches in the area. Then I put many copies of my church's Easter brochures on the table. Several people took one. I don't know if they went or not.

So what was the point? I just needed to obey God and leave the results to Him. Building relationships takes time, years even. It has to start somewhere...one step or egg at a time.

Plan an Egg Hunt in your neighborhood:

  1. Pray.
  2. Reach out to other neighbors to see if they are willing to help plan and implement the hunt.
  3. Determine time and date to be inclusive of schedules.
  4. Create Facebook event which includes details and contact information if anyone has any questions, use evite.com, post in your neighborhood newsletter, or use another invitation format of your choice.
  5. Ask for a $2 donation per child (If appropriate) since candy is so expensive these days! If neighbors aren't able to pay (or don't) we do not hound them but cover the expenses.
  6. Divide the toddlers and the big kids into two groups. Have them hunt in two different areas or at two different times.
  7. Provide sweet and healthy snack options so families feel comfortable hanging around and chatting while eating for fellowship.
  8. Take pictures prior to the start of the "hunt" because many families do not have the opportunity to take pictures during their own hunt. And, well, people like to see themselves in the pictures I post on Facebook afterwards. :-)
  9. Play music in the background to bring about a type of party/celebration feel.
  10. Be available! Show up early, meet people, and build community.
  11. (Ideas from Holly McCaleb and Linda Shaffer)

Linda Shaffer

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Guest - Angela Stephenson on Tuesday, 13 March 2018 09:31

Great encouragement!

Great encouragement!
Guest - NBS2GO on Wednesday, 14 March 2018 14:05

Thank you, Angela.

Thank you, Angela.
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