How a Young Mom Began in Her Neighborhood

Melody began praying for her neighbors and developing relationships four years ago. She started a neighborhood Bible study one year ago. What you are about to read is a poetic reflection that you don’t have to do big things, but one little thing at a time. Since she began, Melody has seen fourteen women join her in Bible study and five have come to Christ. She hosted a Christmas gathering where thirty participated. In her Easter outreach twenty attended. This doesn’t happen overnight but in micro-decisions and a commitment to pray moment by moment and day by day.

How it all began. . .

One little prayer 
Awoke in my heart
Full of hopes and dreams
Not clear how to start.

One little group
Precious NBS2GO
Helped me find the way
Told me to go slow.

One little mom
Toddler by the hand
Walked and prayed her neighborhood
Hoping to change her land.Untitled design

One little event
A Christmas tea to host
Incredible response
Enough chairs for most.

One not so little hurricane
Brought many together to care
Strangers turned to trusted friends
Who would otherwise not have been there.

One little street
Soon she would know
Many hearts awakened
Wait for Christ to grow!

One little Bible study
Multiplying now
With many more needs 
And more help somehow.

One little act 
Of noticing each day
A new face, a new fact, 
As we made time to play.

One little verse
Packs a colossal lesson
“Love your neighbor as yourself”
 Your sphere of influence He has chosen.

Overwhelming growth
The fun part of the mission
All started with one little hope
One still, small voice; I listened.