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God's Promise Through Tragedy

God's Promise Through Tragedy

It was just a normal Tuesday. Then suddenly everyone’s cell phones lit up with the tragic news… another school shooting and again close to home! It was May 7th 2019 and all eyes turned to the news coming from the STEM School in Highland Ranch, CO, which was just three miles and ten minutes from my home.  But this time the news was more poignant, for the high school son of one of our NBS2GO moms went to that school.

Between watching the news and breathlessly waiting for the mom’s text that her son was okay, the ten of us waited to hear the latest. Finally, it was a YES: he was shaken up, but safe!! We praised God for him and for all those who were safe while we, the city, and our country were grieving and praying for Kendrick Castillo’s family and for those eight others who were injured.

A few days later I asked this mom if we could come pray for her, her son, and his fellow students. She said it was still too upsetting as they were all struggling with the stages of grief.  Instead I suggested that we all pray on Friday at 10am from home, work, vacation locations, or wherever we were, praying in one accord.  To that she thankfully agreed.

Ten women from eight different Christian churches in Littleton, CO prayed at one time from ten different locations.  It brought tears to my eyes thinking that the Lord brought us all together because of the bond created through NBS2GO and the knowledge that our Lord hears all our prayers wherever we are.

Our local NBS2GO group just turned a year old this June, and most of us live in this brand-new community of no yards, lots of stairs, and rooftop patios with gorgeous mountain views of the Rocky Mountains. Being all recent transplants from different states or neighborhoods, we range in age from 27 to 69 years old, and some are married, some single.  But we all bonded quickly and have loved the friendship, fellowship, and learning about God’s Word through three different NBS2GO studies. 

Lit Vil Nbs2go Sept 30As a past leader or participan of many previous Bible studies in four states, I have loved this cross-generational group as well as seeing how these simple but powerful NBSGO studies have met women wherever they are on their spiritual journeys, and because of that, how lasting friendships are being formed and deepened.


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Tuesday, 28 June 2022

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