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Four New Languages Of The LENT Bible Study!


The NBS2GO LENT Bible study is now available in four new languages!

We are thrilled to share the following languages are now available: 


Click any of the live links or forward one to a friend!

Would you like ample time to prepare yourself to worship our Savior on a pinnacle day of our faith? The LENT Bible study was written for this purpose.

Caroline Schuler is our NBS2GO global translation coordinator. She gives direction and leadership to the scope of finding translators and offering new languages of our NBS2GO Bible studies. Below she shares her thoughts regarding her heart and passion for her position.

“How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth.” (ESV) 

“When I was asked to be the NBS2GO global translation coordinator - at the age of 23 - the task wasCaroline Schuler both  overwhelming and exciting. I have had a huge heart for languages as long as I can remember. I became fluent in Spanish and then served as an interpreter in Guatemala for several summers. Being a small part of facilitating the translation process of our NBS2GO Bible studies is an absolute joy. 

Seeing new doors open for someone to understand and love God's Word in their heart language drives our desire to acquire additional studies. We could not offer any studies in other languages without the dedicated partnership of our translators! Each one is utilizing the gifts God has equipped them with to expand the reach of the Gospel to their people groups. The Global Translation Team of NBS2GO is privileged to work alongside these individuals whose passions might begin uniquely, but together help see the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

It is my absolute pleasure to share that our LENT study has four additional languages as of this week! I trust that God is awakening hearts where each language is spoken.”

We invite you to take part in the seven-week LENT 2GO study available on nbs2go.com. This Bible study includes seven stories from Christ’s final week on earth. We learn of God’s divine plan for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We experience what it was like to be there during the final week of His life. The question-and-answer format can be used for family devotions, group discussion, and personal study. Invite a neighbor, friend, or family member to join you in this Bible study and look expectantly to what God will teach you together. He will draw you closer to one another as you study His Word.

 A 5-day simplified version of this plan can be found on the YouVersion Bible app here.

What do you find meaningful during the Lenten season? How has God's Word ministered to you during Lent? We would love to hear from you. Please email us at contact@nbs2go.com.

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Sunday, 24 September 2023

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