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Crazy Quilts and a Master Weaver - Revised Bible Study

QUILT was the first Bible study I wrote for my neighborhood Bible study group. My desire was to create a simple tool that they could use on a weekly basis to personally mine nuggets of truth and treasures from God’s Word. Instead of listening to me teach every week, we began to gather and share the discoveries and insights that our personal teacher, the Holy Spirit had revealed to us.

As I was praying and waiting on God to guide me – the word “quilt” came to mind. My immediate response was “That’s crazy!” Just then the image of a cherished family heirloom came into my mind. This keepsake was my mother’s child-sized bathrobe made from her great-grandmother’s handstitched Crazy Quilt. I repeated in my mind, Crazy Quilt….and so the study began to take shape.

Crazy quilt robeTypically, when someone sets out to make a quilt, a pattern is chosen, matching fabric purchased, pieces cut out precisely and stitched together to form a beautifully color-coordinated quilt. But a Crazy Quilt is quite different. It follows no pattern. It uses different textures and types of fabric and is stitched onto one foundational piece of material that holds the quilt’s shape.

Crazy Quilts became a family’s scrapbook of memories where no piece of fabric was wasted. All pieces were purposely woven together for a lifetime of sharing and warmth.

From this train of thought the study’s theme flowed which emphasizes that God wastes nothing in our lives but uses everything for His glory and our good. As I wrote the study questions, I chose a different passage to be studied each week from a variety of books in the Bible. These passages and how they are used in the members’ lives are like different pieces of “fabric” stitched together, securely fastened to the foundation of God’s Word. They create personal Crazy Quilts embroidered with golden threads of Truth.

QUILT Cover 233x300

WEAVER cover thumbnailOver the past three years, the NBS2GO audience has expanded from women to include couples, men, those in the workplace, and students. Knowing that QUILT would not fit our growing audience, we revised this Bible study and renamed it WEAVER. As you read the following explanation, consider how you could use this study with your neighbors, co-workers, friends, or family.

Have you ever compared the front and back of a tapestry? In the hands of a skilled weaver, the front displays incredible artistry and fine detail. What we see on the back appears to be a mess – with only some components of the image appearing. Where the front is smooth, the back is filled with knots and loose ends.

We are meant to see the front of the piece with its intricate pattern, when it is complete. Someday, we will see the beautiful tapestry the Master Weaver has been creating through all the events in our lives – even the suffering. There are trials we would never have chosen, nor do we understand as they occur. Yet they are all part of His plan that tying together a masterpiece.

The theme of WEAVER is the same as QUILT emphasizing that God wastes nothing but uses everything for His glory and our good. The weekly scripture passages and how they can be used in the members’ lives are like multi-colored and textured threads. They are woven together to create a tapestry of God’s Truth and purpose in our lives. Using the daily Study Guide and participating in WEAVER group discussions, members will find that the Scripture comes alive and is applied uniquely to their life situations.

This 2GO Bible Study does not follow a topic or book of the Bible. You group will be amazed at how God weaves the Old and New Testament passages together as you study the selected Scriptures from week to week. Download free WEAVER Study and Leader Guides on nbs2go.com.

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Friday, 22 September 2023

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