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A Daughter's Admiration


To grow up with and observe a mom who is consistently in God’s Word is a gift I cherish! I’ve witnessed her take time in the mornings to pull away in the quiet and dedicate time to prayer and reading Scripture. Not only was it for herself, but it was to posture herself in a way that allowed her to help other women in our neighborhood study His Word.

From the overflow of what she studied, she could create excitement in other women to experience the joys of His Word from what she learned. A few years ago, she helped lead several women through the reading of the Bible in a year. While this annual routine is something she has repeated numerous times, she received such enjoyment from helping others do the same! I don't take this model of a woman and a mother committed to Scripture for granted. I think the way reading Scripture, often with neighbors, so transformed her own life during the hardest of trials many years ago is what gave her the passion for starting her own neighborhood Bible study and then helping write the content of nbs2go.com.caroline and mom

I also knew I could count on her to pray! She and other moms in our neighborhood and the surrounding ones gather twice a month to pray for their children. She prayed for me all the way through grade school and college and continues to do so now as an adult. Within the last year, as I encountered incredibly difficult medical circumstances, she was a faithful presence to process and pray with. 

Seeing this trait in my own mom causes me to want to see other moms create that space in their lives to read God's Word faithfully. I know it does not go unnoticed. The NBS2GO Mommy Bible Study is one way we hope God's Word will penetrate the busy lives of moms. Just one or two questions each day guide mothers through the study of Old and New Testament passages. 

In addition to providing the NBS2GO Mommy Bible Study in English, we offer it in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Polish, Romanian and Russian. Psalm 78:4b, says “…we will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power, and the wonders He has done." NIV. We pray that moms worldwide become passionate about God's Word and pass it onto the next generation.

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Sunday, 04 June 2023

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