Reach the people around you.

God desires to use who you are, His Word, and where you live, work, or connect to make an impact for eternity!


Begin a Bible study group. Are you willing to take the next step? NBS2GO exists to help you find ideas, resources, and inspiration to begin. We are here to help. You CAN launch your own group!


  • Why?
  • Why?

    Gathering to study the Bible creates a caring community and provides opportunities for God's Word to transform lives. Our personal connections are central to our lives and perfect settings to share Christ. Bible study groups in homes, workplaces, and among friends, provide powerful ministry opportunities. These welcoming groups in safe, comfortable environments are convenient, less intimidating, and fertile ground for spiritual growth.

    Who will you reach?

    Jesus called his disciples to “go and make disciples”. The first place He told them to go was Jerusalem – the people closest to them (Acts 1:8). He also said, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27). NBS2GO stands for Neighbor Bible Studies 2Go. Our neighbors are whomever God brings into our lives, whether at home, work, or through other networks or connections. Who is your Jerusalem? Now is the time to decide which relational network God wants you to reach. Pray and ponder…Is God asking you to begin a Bible Study where you…LIVE, WORK, or PLAY? What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

Begin a Bible Study Group with Three Simple Steps:



Prayer is the first and most important step of the process.



God is at work. Never underestimate an invitation.



Knowing where to start can be overwhelming, but you’re not alone.

Take a Look at Our Latest Bible Studies...

  • FÉ (Portuguese - Faith)

    FÉ (Portuguese - Faith)

    FÉ: Deus projetou os pássaros para voar nas alturas, não para permanecerem sentados em um ninho. A Bíblia é cheia de histórias daqueles que se acomodaram com uma vida de indiferença e desobediência, bem como os que voaram surpreendentemente nas asas da fé. Estude a vida de uma dúzia de personagens da Bíblia, bem como ensinamentos de Jesus e Paulo. Aprenda a voar nas asas da fé.

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  • TECELÃO (Portuguese - Weaver)

    TECELÃO (Portuguese - Weaver)

    TECELÃO: Deus não desperdiça nada (nossas circunstâncias de vida, provações ou passado), mas une tudo para a Sua glória e o nosso bem. Você ficará surpreso com os fios tecidos através do Antigo e Novo Testamentos ao estudar as Escrituras selecionadas de semana a semana.

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  • 마음 (HEART) (Korean)

    마음 (HEART) (Korean)

    Heart: God’s Word transforms hearts! The first two Heart studies center on God’s heart for you and how your heart can become Christ’s home. The last two studies guide you to dig into passages that will encourage and strengthen your heart. This Bible study draws from a variety of Old and New Testament passages.

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  • EDREDÓN (Spanish - Quilt)

    EDREDÓN (Spanish - Quilt)

    EDREDÓN: Asi como en un edredón se combinan varias piezas de tela de múltiples colores, Dios no desperdicia nada en nuestras vidas (circunstancias, pruebas o de nuestro pasado). El usa todas las cosas para su Gloria y para nuestro bien. Cada semana, al estudiar los pasajes bíblicos seleccionados, te vas a sorprender al ver como las historias del antiguo y del nuevo testamentos están entretejidas.

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Encouragement & Real Stories of Changed Lives

February 13 2019
Enjoy this remodeled HEART 2GO Bible study written by Debbie McGoldrick.INTRODUCTIONIn creation we see a myriad of word pictures that God uses to demonstrate His character, biblical truths, and His miraculous ways. Jesus often used nature to ill...

What People are Saying about NBS2GO

  • It has been one of the great privileges of my life to have a front row seat watching Debbie McGoldrick follow Jesus. Debbie McGoldrick is on a mission to reach the world with the news that Jesus Christ is the source of real life. In this website you will have your hands on countless hours of trial and error, real stories of life change, encouragement to step out, inspiration to dream big, and practical steps to help you easily begin to lead and grow a Bible study group. If you have ever thought, “I’d like to figure out how to impact the people living close to me,” then NBS2GO needs to be in your home. Read it. Use it. Change the world!
    —Darren Youngstrom, High School Student Pastor North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, GA

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What is NBS2GO?

NBS2GO = Neighbor Bible Studies 2GO - is simply the packaging of ideas, resources, and inspiration to equip believers to launch and multiply Bible study groups.

What's the big deal about a Bible study group?

Like a one-room schoolhouse, a Bible study group brings together a wide range of seekers and Christ-followers to study, discuss, and encourage one another toward life application of God’s Word. This blending of spiritual maturity levels creates a dynamic, life-transforming community. Friendships are formed, and group members are equipped to minister to others where they do life. Life transformation and multiplication!

NLT Scripture references on and in publications, unless otherwise noted.

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