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NBS2GO Endorsements:

When I think of successful neighborhood ministry, Debbie McGoldrick and nbs2go.com come to mind. The authentic community created in Debbie’s neighborhood makes any follower of Jesus want the same for their neighborhood. Nbs2go.com presents a simple-to-use, three-step plan that is easy to follow. I wholeheartedly recommend nbs2go.com as a multiplication model of faith expressing itself in action.

– Judy Douglass, Author, Speaker, Encourager, Director, Women’s Resources at Cru


Debbie and her team have spent years reaching women in their neighborhoods with the message of Jesus Christ. How is this done? Through Neighborhood Bible Studies that engage even the hardest heart. The outstretched arms of love that greet every woman who walks through the door, the non- judgmental reception, the great food and above all the truth of God delivered in a winsome way makes the perfect recipe for miracles to take place and hearts to be changed. Now they have put all they have learned into a format that is available for those who are burdened for their neighborhood and want to reach them with the Good news of Jesus Christ. NBS2GO is what we have been waiting for!

– Pat Harley, President of Big Dream Ministries & The Amazing Collection


If every neighborhood launched its own Bible study as shared in nbs2go.com, our communities could literally be transformed. Debbie and her team have assembled wonderful tools that help followers of Jesus to love their neighbors to Christ using the Prayer-Care-Share model. If you want to know how to fulfill the Great Commission around your own kitchen table, look no further than nbs2go.com. We highly recommend these wonderful resources to you.

– Paul and Jeannie Cedar The Mission America Coalition


As the Director of Women’s Ministries at a large church, I see my job as equipping and providing opportunities for the women of my church to simply minister to each other and to others in their path. It’s my job to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit work in their hearts so that His words become their words. The Acrostic Bible studies are an amazing tool for just that. For us to get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit do the teaching. I’m excited to bring this tool into the lives of the women in my ministry allowing them to “Go and Make disciples” in their own neighborhoods and beyond!

– Allison Rambo Director of Women’s Ministries Christ’s Church Mason, Ohio


I have felt anxious and inadequate to reach out to my community but this website is a wonderful resource that both equips and encourages people on how to love and serve their neighbor. The personal stories of women loving and serving their community are inspiring.  Also, the ability to apply and proclaim the truths of God’s Word just became easier with the Acrostic Bible Studies.   

– Karen Loritts, Speaker and Author


I can wholehearedly and unequivocally endorse both Debbie McGoldrick and the NBS2GO materials. We are using L.I.G.H.T. as a staff to immerse ourselves in the Gospel according to Luke on Tuesday mornings at The HOPE Center. My husband and I have also led neighborhood studies using the acrostic studies. I think that new believers will find the “bite-sized” scripture references “palatable”, and there’s nothing like the Word of God for new believers!   

– Cindy O’Leary, Executive Director of The Hope Center in Woodstock, GA


It has been one of the great privileges of my life to have a front row seat watching Debbie McGoldrick follow Jesus.   Debbie McGoldrick is on a mission to reach the world with the news that Jesus Christ is the source of real life.  In this website you will have your hands on countless hours of trial and error, real stories of life change, encouragement to step out, inspiration to dream big, and practical steps to help you easily begin to lead and grow a Bible study in your neighborhood.   If you have ever thought, “I’d like to figure out how to impact the people living close to me,” then NBS2GO needs to be in your home.  Read it. Use it. Change the world!   

– Darren Youngstrom, High School Student Pastor North Point Community Church, Alpharetta, GA


NBS leaders and participants

I can hardly express my excitement about being so up close and personal to the Holy Spirit’s work! To be involved with women who know God and His Word is wonderful, but to be involved with 8-10 women who don’t know God or His Word–and yet are committed to studying–is exhilarating!

– Anesse  (NBS leader)


When I left home I never went back to church. I lived in the moment, for myself. The tragedy of 9/11 brought me to church, and a seedling was sown to study the Bible.  My Neighborhood Bible Study became a priority and my new-found knowledge worked it’s way into my heart. I accepted Christ into my life with Debbie on September 14th 2004.

– Ania  (NBS member)


Our Neighborhood Bible Study to me was life changing, life saving and life awakening!   It showed me how to live as a Christian instead of just believing.  It literally helped save my children’s and my life.  Thank you!

– Heidi (NBS member)


I lived in my neighborhood for 11 years, and for almost that long a flyer inviting me to Neighborhood Bible Study was in our mailbox. I would read it and toss it into the trashcan. Eight years ago I decided to try it out.  I just showed up and walked in.  I didn’t know anyone, maybe it was because I was 70.  I’ve spent the last eight years with the most loving and caring women and it is through this NBS that I have become a follower of Jesus Christ.
– Dottie  (NBS member)

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