Our History

History of NBS2GO 


During a casual walk on the beach in May 2010, God ignited a vision within Debbie McGoldrick that would grow to become NBS2GO.  As Debbie walked and enjoyed vacationing at her parents’ home in Florida – watching the sunrise, adding to her collection of heart-shaped shells and rocks, and watching her father fish in the surf – God used those three experiences to give Debbie a vision.  The vision grew out of her many years of leading and helping others to begin Neighborhood Bible Studies (NBS). God told Debbie, “I am awakening an unprecedented number of hearts in neighborhoods and I have given you the passion, 22 years of experience, and simple tools to help encourage and equip women to grow and multiply Neighborhood Bible Studies globally.”

Debbie has helped dozens of women begin NBS for years through numerous workshops in North Atlanta churches and hosted meetings in her home to encourage and equip new NBS leaders.  But Debbie knew this call from God was different – He was asking her to broaden the NBS ministry worldwide.

God told Debbie to share this vision with her NBS Leadership team when she returned home to the Atlanta, area.  She asked these leaders to go away with her for 24 hours of prayer, fasting, and listening to God for more direction.  Through this time of listening, God birthed the idea to create a website that would provide resources to equip women to begin, grow, and multiply NBS all around the world.

Creating the website was truly a faith-walk for Debbie and the Leadership Team. While they had nearly 80 years of combined experience in leading their own NBS, they knew virtually nothing about designing a website.  Thankfully, God brought another group of women together who volunteered to serve as an intercessory prayer team and they all watched as God provided everything needed – from a volunteer programmer, graphic designer, web design team, writers, and more.

Through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, interest and excitement began to grow for NBS2GO.  At the beginning of 2013 NBS2GO was launched!

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