Open Heart

It all begins with prayer and relationships.


Prayer is foundational and the most important step in beginning and growing your Neighborhood Bible Study (NBS). Discover ways to pray for yourself, your neighbors, and your neighborhood, bringing God’s presence, purposes, and power to your NBS. John DeVries’ book Why Pray? gives some great insight. With a foundation of prayer, God’s divine plans surpass our human efforts and ideas to transform the lives of your neighbors. Aren’t you glad it’s not all up to you!



Care is relational. Find fresh ways to show God’s love and care for your neighbors. As you look for opportunities to care for your neighbors in tangible ways, you will build relationships that make it natural and easy to invite new women to your NBS. These relationships connect and open hearts, creating a comfortable environment where women grow to love meeting and studying God’s Word with friends.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” John C. Maxwell


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