Social Gathering

Social Gathering

The purpose of a Social Gathering is to get to know your neighbors and to gauge interest in an NBS.

Plan your event:
  • Invite all of your neighbors or simply start with your street.
  • Choose a type of gathering to host: a Coffee or Tea, Brunch, Dessert Social, or Festive seasonal party (ornament or cookie exchange, for example).
  • Decide when and where. If all you do is host a meeting at a coffee shop – that is fine! The purpose of an NBS is to gather together and study God’s Word. Your group will grow at its own pace and will be unique.

Ideas for Inviting:
  • Personal – Initiate a phone call or face-to-face invitation.
  • Electronic – Type up a brief description of the gathering with appropriate details including date, place, and time.
  • Printed Invitations – Send flyers, cards, or a notice in your neighborhood newsletter.

We have found that the most effective invitation has a personal touch, whether it is an initial face-to-face invitation, or a follow-up to an electronic or printed invitation.

Sample Invitations (Word) (pdf)

Gathering Guide:

During your gathering, relax and enjoy while you get to know some new friends. Here are some ideas to get conversations started. Toward the end of your time together, ask if anyone would be interested in starting an NBS with you. For example, “We had such a great time together. Starting a Neighborhood Bible Study is on my heart. Would you like to join me?” Be sure to collect contact information so that you can invite them to the study. Then, get together with those who expressed an interest and plan your NBS.

Or, if the response to an NBS is favorable, you may choose to discuss the details right then. A few things to consider when planning your NBS:

  • Day to meet
  • Frequency – Will you meet weekly or bi-weekly?
  • Time – Will studies be held in the morning or evening?
  • Location– If you lead the study, we highly recommend that the study be held somewhere other than your own home.
  • Child Care – If there is a need for child care, we suggest that the children are cared for in a place other than where you will meet for the study.



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