Informational Gathering

Informational Gathering

You have the desire to begin an NBS and even know a few people who are interested in joining you. You are now ready to host an Informational Gathering for your study. Sow broadly, inviting all of your neighbors!

Before you host your Informational Gathering:
Prayerfully consider the answers to the following questions so you can communicate effectively the expectations for your NBS.

  • Who is your audience? Most likely you will have a diverse group consisting of seekers, new believers, and mature Christians.
  • What kind of study? This could include a Book of the Bible, topical guide, or video series. We recommend beginning with the book of Mark, using any one of the following:

Acrostic Bible StudiesThese studies are designed to give NBS leaders a simple tool to guide their group through scripture. Download these free studies and Leader Guides.

Life Lessons with Max Lucado: Book of Mark

Mark, Discover Jesus

  • When to meet? Day of the week, morning or evening, weekly or bi-weekly?
  • Where to meet? If you lead, we recommend having someone else host.
  • Is childcare needed? If you offer childcare, we suggest using a different home than the NBS location.
  • Do you need to pre-order or prepare materials? 


Ideas for Inviting

Again…sow broadly, inviting ALL of your neighbors!

  • Flyer – A brief description of the gathering with appropriate details including date, place, and time.
  • Personal – This can be a phone call or a face-to-face conversation. We have found that a personal invitation is the most effective way to encourage neighbors to come.
  • Electronic – Use email, text, or other electronic invitation.
  • Neighborhood newsletter or bulletin board

Sample Invitations (Word) (pdf)


Informational Gathering Guide

Now it’s time to host your event! 

Sample Format:

Welcome and Refreshments: (15 – 30 minutes)

Welcome your friends, guests, and neighbors. Introduce yourself as they arrive. Make sure that you have name tags for everyone. Allow people to mingle and eat for about 30 minutes. Coffee and food are a great way to create a welcoming environment. (You can ask friends ahead of time to bring some light snacks and definitely accept help if someone offers.)

Conduct the Meeting: (30 – 45 minutes)

At this point, you can gather everyone together and start the meeting. Introductions or Conversation Starters are a great way put everyone at ease. Share your story about why you are starting your NBS and explain what a Neighborhood Bible Study. For example, “An NBS is a community of women gathering together in a safe, casual environment to study the Bible. It is all-denominational and no experience is necessary. The only requirement is that the women consider the Bible worth studying.”

  • Give NBS details: day, time, place, Bible Study selected, and how to acquire the materials
  • Create a sense of ownership: We have found that you should enlist other members to help out with the NBS. As women take ownership of different areas, they become invested. Invested women become consistent. Consistent women grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Allow others to invest in the ministry and actively participate in the study, as well as in God’s work in the neighborhood. You can explain the opportunities that are available for the NBS and pass around a Volunteer Sign-up Sheet. Make sure to get their contact information.
  • As you learned in the Open Heart section, prayer is vital to your study. You may want to close in prayer, thanking God for bringing these women to the NBS and for what He has planned for each woman as well as for your neighborhood.


We have found that it is essential to communicate the expectations and basic guidelines for your NBS. You may want to put them in writing. Here are a few examples that you may use to create your own.

Sample Mission and Values Statement

Sample Mission Statement



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