Open Door

Plan one of these simple gatherings.

Okay, you’re praying for your neighbors and you are wanting to start a Neighborhood Bible Study (NBS)! How do you find out who might be interested? We’ve found that simply opening your door and hosting one of the gatherings described below is a great place to begin. We also offer practical steps to guide you through either event!

Social Gatherings

Invite your neighbors in for some food, conversation, games and laughter and get to know them!  A social gathering can help knit together the women in your neighborhood as friends. Through the natural relationships formed there, you’ll be able to ask questions like, “Hey, in January when the kids go back to school, would you be  interested in doing a 6-week Bible study together?” As you listen to your neighbors in conversation, you will hear their needs that could be met through a topical study or through a study addressing questions about faith. Ultimately, as you continue to care for your neighbors, you know their real need is Jesus. Be looking for those who show an interest so you can invite them to your NBS.  Chances are, they’ll want to come. Having fun together first can build great bridges! We have practical ideas to help you plan your event.

Informational Gatherings

If you have some relationships established or have a core group already interested, then you’re ready to invite others and pin down the details of your study. That’s exciting! We have practical help for how to determine what needs to be decided, sign up sheets, invitations and other resources to make it easy. Check out the Printable Resources links on the right-hand column and help yourself!


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