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Choose, Plan, and Go!


Knowing where to start can be overwhelming but you’re not alone! We have resources to help you choose your materials and to help you lead.

Materials and Meeting Guide

This section offers Bible Studies with Leader Guides and links to resources where you can download and print Acrostic Studies. Check these pages often for updated information and for new studies. When you’ve finished one study, there are others to choose from. We recommend some good questions to consider before choosing your study.

Leader Tips & Tools

Whether you’re a natural leader or find yourself facilitating because you’re following God’s lead, you’ll find resources to help equip you to facilitate your Neighborhood Bible Study (NBS) and continue to grow as a leader. See our links for practical ideas on how to lead effectively, create community and so much more! Printable versions of these pages are offered in the links in the right-hand column.


Answer these questions and create your personal NBS2GO plan today!



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