5 Simple Ways to Connect with Neighbors at Easter

5 Simple Ways to Connect with Neighbors at Easter

5 Ways to connect with your neighbors at Easter


A pastor was recently sharing that his family initiated with a neighbor who lived two doors down. They had the family over for Easter lunch.  As the conversation progressed he asked them what Easter meant to
them.  The wife responded, “what do you mean? It’s all about the Easter bunny and spring and such.  Does it mean something different to you?” He thought he would ask the question in a different way. “What significance does Easter have to you spiritually?” The wife responded again, “does Easter have anything to do with God?”


Does this story burden you like it does me?  The crux of the Christian faith hinges
on the reality of the resurrection. Our team put together a brief list of ideas to connect with our neighbors during the Easter season.


  1. Invite! Include a neighbor(s) as you think about attending your local church service.
  2. Host a brunch or lunch on Easter. Ask open-ended questions like the ones the pastor used in the story above.
  3. Organize a children’s egg hunt. At the end use the “Resurrection Eggs” to share the message of Easter.
  4. Plan a simple sunrise service. Make coffee, bring doughnuts, sing a few hymns, share a 5 minute message.
  5. Write notes and give out candy. “Easter is the most significant holiday to our family.  We hope you have a special time celebrating it as well. We are thankful to have you as neighbors.”


place-setting-2110245_1920What a privilege we have to join together with our neighbors during the Easter season.


Do you have something special planned?  Please share your ideas!


He is Risen!

Let’s go tell our neighbors!


The NBS2go Team



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  1. This is a lovely and needful program especially during Easter. May God use us to teach and demonstrate the truth of His cross and resurrection. Well done.

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