My head says GYM My heart says NACHOS

My head says GYM My heart says NACHOS

My head says GYM my heart says NACHOS.

Who else can relate to this?
The beginning of the year always holds grand thoughts of that 10 lbs. I want to lose, or organizing my entire house, or the budget I want to live by.  What are your grand thoughts?  Do you have aspirations for this year?

My head says, “take the initiative with my neighbors.”
My heart says,

*too much fear of rejection
*I’m tired
*someone else will do it
*my house isn’t pretty
*I don’t know enough about the Bible
*I’m hurting
*I don’t know how

As this year begins we want you to know that we are praying for you. Many of you have communicated that you are pro-actively reaching out to your “neighbors.” We rejoice with you!  Many of you have communicated your desires to do so but you face barriers like the ones mentioned above.  We understand!

Personally, I am heading into my 10th year of leading a neighborhood Bible study.  In many ways that sounds like a lot of years.  In some ways, it feels like I just got started.  And to be perfectly honest I face internal hurdles just like I did the first year.  Will ahurdles-508822__340nyone be interested?  Will I sit alone? Will I know the answers to their questions? Will the Lord show up and teach us what He wants us to know?  Will there be genuine life change?  Will this make a difference anyway?

What is it with us humans?  Vulnerable.  I just feel vulnerable.  Do you ever stop to wonder if Jesus felt that way?  In his humanness, certainly there had to be times when he felt this.  This has deeply encouraged me each year as I trust Him to continue to reach out.  By faith, I press on.  By faith, I will put my neighbors lives in front of my fears.  By faith, I trust that God is “drawing men unto Himself.”

I choose to live by faith.  Will you come along side of me and do the same?  I need you to gather around me and pray.  Our team wants to gather around you and pray for you. We need one another.  We need to trust the Lord together.

Please drop us a note, give us an update, let us know how we can gather around you and pray for you. Connect with us at

Your fellow human,
for the NBS2go team



Joan, with three sons (21, 20, and 17 years old) and one girl (15), is thankful for her large capacity washer and naps.  She loves Mountain Dew, dance parties in the kitchen when all her kids are home, and laughing about anything. She remains bewildered with God’s indescribable and constant love for her in the midst of heartaches and plain normal days. 

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