Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Where do you belong?  Where do you fit in? These are lifelong questions that everyone on planet earth asks themselves at some point or another.

Sometimes my husband and I talk about the beer “Bible studies” that happen on Friday nights in local bars. Do we really think that men study the Bible during happy hour?  No, but these men know where they’re welcome. They know where they can relax. They know where they belong on Friday nights.

It’s a simple fact of life. We all want to belong. We all want to fit in. DSC_0038

We all want to find a place where everybody knows our name. 

In my neighborhood, when Wednesday morning rolls around, we have a home where we meet, where everyone is welcome. It is a safe place we can come to relax. It is a place to find community. It is the morning of our neighborhood Bible study.

We greet each other with a warm, “Hello!”  We ask each other, “How are you?” and we actually listen to the answer. We share in the joys of children winning spelling bees and we share in the disappointments when they don’t make the baseball team. We cry together when a loved one passes away. We celebrate when there is a wedding. Most importantly we talk about Christ’s immense love for us and how it has transformed our lives. He has given us life and this life is in His Son. He has given us love and we share it with one another.

DSC_0072How about your neighborhood? Do you want a place where everybody knows your name? My guess is that everyone in your neighborhood wants a place like this too. Go ahead … start a neighborhood Bible study! We have all the simple tips and tools you need to get started, and we would love to pray for you, too! Contact us and let us know!

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joan.webJoan Parsons, lover of McDonald’s cokes, is happiest when her home is filled with her husband and four children. She reports that her two college age boys come home whenever she offers to cook steak. Her only claim to fame is the week she got every piece of clothing laundered and matched all 126 socks.
She had a dream when she was in college that Jesus returned to gather up the Christians to go to Heaven. Except one of her roommates asked her why she never told her about God. She woke from the dream with a lifelong desire to share with others the amazing news of God’s love and forgiveness.

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