Tips for Leaders: Do I Need to Know All the Answers?

Tips for Leaders: Do I Need to Know All the Answers?

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care …about them. Zig Ziglar

When facilitating a group, it is easy to feel like you need to know all the answers. Your job is to play a part in helping to change individual lives as you lead them in discovering biblical truths and applying those truths through the power of the Holy Spirit. The praying, loving, caring attitude you demonstrate now will reap a great harvest in many lives. Use the following tips to facilitate your Bible study.

Prepare your heart before the study. Pray for God to help you understand the study material and apply its teachings to your own heart and life.

Pray for the members of your study. Pray for the members of your group each week, preferably by name, asking the Holy Spirit to use the study material to speak into their lives.

Begin and end the study on time.  By staying on schedule, you let the group know that you value their time.

Group discussion is important.  According to a research report from The William Glasser Institute, we retain:

  • 10 percent of what we read
  • 20 percent of what we hear
  • 30 percent of what we see
  • 50 percent of what we see and hear
  • 70 percent of what we discuss with others
  • 80 percent of what we experience personally
  • 95 percent of what we teach to others

God’s Word becomes real and practical in their lives as they share their answers and insights.

Encourage several members to share answers to each question. To motivate sharing, ask questions like, “What do the rest of you think?” or “Anyone else want to share?” until several people have had a chance to respond.

The Holy Spirit will change lives as you lead. More leader tips and tools can be found on NBS2GO. Choose one tip to work on this week in your study. Let us know what has worked in your group!

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Michelle CoonMichelle Coon lives in Atlanta. She and her husband Jeff have two grown sons. On the weekends, they enjoy exploring the small towns of Georgia, hiking and finding a good farmer’s market. Michelle is an active participant and facilitator in Neighborhood Bible studies, and she is passionate about the Acrostic Bible Study Method.

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  1. What an encouraging, practical reminder, Michelle! Keeping in mind that the Holy Spirit will speak to each woman as she needs to hear is very freeing for a leader.

    And oh yes, we do retain what we teach. Another good reason for EVERYONE to try leading (facilitating) a Neighborhood Bible Study.

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