Chip and Joanna Gaines “Love” Where They Live

Chip and Joanna Gaines "Love" Where They Live

Have you ever asked yourself what you would do with your life if money were no object? If someone challenged you to “better where you live,” how would you go about it?

IMG_0870A squeal was heard through out my house. What to my wondering eyes should appear? Two VIP tickets to be with Chip and Joanna Gaines for the late October weekend known as “Silobration.”

I quickly called my sister. Thister is what I call her, especially when excited.

“Thister, do you want to go meet Chip and Joanna?” More squeals heard throughout another house.

“Are you serious? Of course I do!” Thister exclaimed.

Waco, Texas, here we come!

Chip and Joanna are the stars of the HGTV show “Fixer Upper.” If you’ve ever watched “Fixer Upper,” you not only admire the Gaines’ hard work and creativity, you fall in love with the couple themselves. They are crazy-talented, hilarious, respectful of one another, lovers of their family, compassionate toward others, mindful of their city and God-honoring.

IMG_0777And Silobration? Years ago, Joanna kept a notebook filled with her dreams and desires. One of her dreams was opening a retail store of home goods reflecting her personal and unique style. When Chip learned about the notebook, he asked her to tell him one of her dreams. Then, in typical Chip fashion, he encouraged her to go for it!

“Let’s do this,” he said.

Together, they have checked off project after project one by one. Silobration was the celebration of opening a large-scale retail store in the iconic silos that define downtown Waco, the couple’s current hometown.

The silos project was about investing in their Texas town and the people who live there. Chip and Joanna have bought “stock” in loving where they live and living where they love. They aren’t looking to move to a better spot. They are bettering the spot where they live!

My sister flew from Ohio. I flew from Georgia (with an expired driver’s license…but this is another long story…have I ever told you that I pride myself in being super organized…never). We landed in Dallas. And drove to Waco. Lots of giggling. Lots of stories. No time restraints. Eating out. It was a girl’s weekend for sure.

IMG_0863The Silobration evening was filled with excitement and fun. Chip “repelled” down the silos for a grand entrance to formally welcome the 2,000+ guests to the property and to introduce the band, Johnnyswim. Twinkling lights, picnic tables, lawn games, pottery demonstrations, food trucks, music, the bubbly personalities of their staff and the Magnolia Market store made the night an amazing experience!

“We’ve always given credit and glory to God,” Chip said. “This is a testament to hard work, dedication, family and faith.” Joanna added, “With God and a man like Chip, I knew I had the wind in my sails to accomplish something much bigger than I even dreamed.”

Tim Keller, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City, has said, “What would happen if you left a city? Would the impact be noticed? Have you made the kind of difference that if you moved away, it could actually be recognized?”

IMG_0807There is no doubt that what Chip and Joanna dreamed of many years ago is impacting their city. Their hearts are huge and generous towards others. They have deep roots of compassion and kindness. Their faith in God is shown as they “work with all their heart, as working for the Lord, not for man.”

Most of us will never have large financial resources, but we do have the resource of time and God’s heart to develop relationships and initiate friendships with the people who live right next door. Share a meal, plant flowers, offer babysitting, give a ride, sit with a widow, the list can go on and on. Perhaps the Lord was creative enough to place you exactly where He wanted, to love those who need His love. Maybe all we need to do is ask Him how He wants us to do that. Maybe He could give us the perfect way to “better where we live” and to love where we live.

So I am pondering this question, if I left my neighborhood or city or workplace, would it be noticed? What impact am I making? How about you? Drop us a note to let us know how you are investing in your city or neighborhood. We would love to hear from you. Or at least tell me a story of “someone” you knew who let her driver’s license expire!

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  1. I love this post!!!

  2. Thanks, Joan for sharing about the Gaines. I’m reminded of the little I can do for my neighborhood – you see several years ago I was resolved to leave a place better than I met it.

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