6 Tricks for a Leading a Bible Study That’s a Treat to Attend

6 Tricks for a Leading a Bible Study That's a Treat to Attend

It can be intimidating to lead a group of people in Bible study, especially when your heart’s desire is to make everyone comfortable but keep the conversation Biblically accurate and on track! We often say that the Holy Spirit leads our Bible studies … we’re just the facilitators! But aside from trusting Him to do His good work in your group, we have some simple tips to encourage you to effectively lead your neighborhood study.


  1. Try to affirm answers when possible. Offer simple affirmations such as, “That’s great insight,” or “Thanks for sharing your heart.” People will respond when you show you value their comments.
  2. Don’t be afraid of silence. The silence often seems longer to the leader! Your group may just be considering your question and forming their answers in their minds. Try asking the question in another way to make sure they understand and to give them more time to think.
  3. Resist answering the question yourself. If you break the silence by answering the question, the group may become passive. After others have responded, you may share your own thoughts.
  4. Never reject an answer. To make sure responses reflect the truth of the Bible, you may ask, “Which verses led you to that conclusion?” Or let the group help bring the comment in-line with scripture.
  5. Avoid tangents that take you off topic.  If people wander off course, gently bring them back to the passage. If someone is sharing a difficult problem, stop and pray, then move back to study material.
  6. Guide the pace of the study.  Most studies are designed to be completed in one session, which gives a sense of completion and closure. You may need to skip some questions to focus on key questions.

The flow of each group is different. With time and practice, you will know best how to lead your group! More tips on leading a group are found on NBS2GO. Choose one tip to work on this week in your neighborhood study and share your results with other leaders in the comments!

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Michelle Coon

Michelle Coon lives in Atlanta. She and her husband Jeff have two grown sons. On the weekends, they enjoy exploring the small towns of Georgia, hiking and finding a good farmer’s market. Michelle is an active participant and facilitator in Neighborhood Bible studies, and she is passionate about the Acrostic Bible Study Method.

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