Help! Where Do I Start?

Help! Where Do I Start?

Can you imagine living in a neighborhood where neighbors cared for one another, met often to “do life” together and shared in a sincere desire to know more about God? Our team at NBS2GO has seen it happen, time and time again, in neighborhoods and personal “villages” all over the world. We’ve seen it happen in OUR neighborhoods. It is God at work in a huge way, and Neighborhood Bible studies are truly changing lives!

So, where do you start? Right here!

The NBS2GO website neatly packages all the tips, tools, ideas and resources of the NBS movement so that all women, everywhere (and men, too!) feel encouraged and equipped to launch Bible studies in their own neighborhoods. Our dream is to see people around the world inviting neighbors into their homes to study the Bible. Since neighborhoods are so central to our lives, we see them as the perfect setting to share Christ, to reach out to our neighbors with friendship and love, and to present the Gospel. The NBS2GO team created this website to inspire and equip women to do just that! Although each expression of neighborhood ministry is as different as each of us are, there are some common themes, elements and resources that every woman can use along the way.

NBS2GO is here to help you!

We have gathered and packaged the ideas and resources for you to use. Prayer guides, invitations, eight Acrostic Bible Studies (including personal study and leader guides) are beautifully designed and free to download and print on the NBS2GO website. These Bible studies are “road-tested” by us and hundreds of other women who have used them to draw their neighbors closer to Christ. Debbie McGoldrick, the founder of NBS2GO, used the website’s printable invitation for her own fall neighborhood Bible study kick-off, which is beginning its 27th year in 2015!

The NBS2GO team prays regularly for the women who are starting or thinking about starting a neighborhood Bible study. We get so excited and filled with gratitude every time a study starts, and they are starting all over the world! We look forward to hearing how God is moving and reaching your neighborhood.

We invite you to explore today. What questions do you have? How can we pray for you? What fresh stories do you have to share? Please connect with us so we can pray for you and celebrate with you! Like us on Facebook, where we publish helpful and inspirational content for Bible study leaders or anyone who desires a closer relationship with the Lord.

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Michelle Coon

Michelle Coon lives in Atlanta. She and her husband Jeff have two grown sons. On the weekends, they enjoy exploring the small towns of Georgia, hiking and finding a good farmer’s market. Michelle is an active participant and facilitator in Neighborhood Bible studies, and she is passionate about the Acrostic Bible Study Method.


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