A Mailbox Prayer: Inviting Neighbors to Bible Study

A Mailbox Prayer: Inviting Neighbors to Bible Study

Heavenly Father,

As I walk from mailbox to mailbox , may your presence go before me. Just as the houses stretch in front of me, may your love reach out to each family. May this love run as rivers of living water to each person. Bless each home in this neighborhood.  May You be a refuge for us.  We need your protection.

Thank you for each neighbor who lives here. You have filled this neighborhood with Your amazing handiwork. Thank you for the incredible men and women who work diligently to provide for their families. Thank you for the dads who involve themselves with the well-being of their children. Thank you for the moms who work tirelessly in the home to make it a safe haven. Thank you for our many children who are precious in your sight.

As these invitations to a women’s Bible study land in each hand, may You whisper to each lady that she is loved by You. May she feel wanted and included with this invitation to join us. Regardless of knowledge, may she know she is welcomed to come just as she is. Regardless of the past, may she know that we are all growing in grace. Regardless of hardships in life, may she know we also face difficulty, and we are running to You for Your help.

As we gather this year, I pray for three things for Bible study as we get started.

May each of us learn something from You.

May each of us learn something from one another.

And may You fill our time with laughter.

I need You to help me as I lead this group. I need your strength. I need your grace. I need Your Word to teach us. I have no wisdom of my own. I only have You. And You are more than enough.

In Jesus’ name,  AMEN!

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