Do You Have an Assignment?

Do You Have an Assignment?

Pat first met Debbie McGoldrick, the founder of NBS2GO, in September 2014 when Debbie shared her vision with the women’s leadership team of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids, Mich. Pat heard God say to her, “I am giving you an assignment.”  Pat did not try to get the big picture.

She was faithful to take the next step. 

The first step was hosting a neighborhood gathering at Christmastime.

Pat Cebulski - photo

“The evening was wonderful! I saw God in every minute,” Pat said. “There were 18 of us. Everyone seemed so pleased to be here. The invitation said 7-8:30….the last five left at 10:15.”

The next step was starting a neighborhood Bible study. At the kickoff meeting in June 2015, there were 13 women present. There were women who are active in their churches and women with no religious affiliation. One of the women was an elderly woman who had been widowed for six weeks.

When the widow left, she said, “I’ve lived in this neighborhood for 21 years, and I had no idea there were so many believers in the neighborhood. I feel so lifted up after tonight. How do I say thank you?”

Many of the women came because of the way the invitation was written, stressing that all are welcomed.

A sample of the L.I.G.H.T. acrostic study was used at the first meeting using the story of Jesus feeding the four thousand.  The women responded with enthusiasm as they answered the discussion questions.  In the following six weeks, the group will be studying six different people who met Jesus.

“God has placed in my heart a love for my neighbors that I did not have before. And it feels really good,” Pat said. “But my soul is more alive than ever, and I am singing the praises of my gracious and loving God.”

What’s your assignment?

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Michelle CoonMichelle Coon lives in Atlanta. She and her husband Jeff have two grown sons. On the weekends, they enjoy exploring the small towns of Georgia, hiking and finding a good farmer’s market. Michelle is an active participant and facilitator in Neighborhood Bible studies, and she is passionate about the Acrostic Bible Study Method.

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