Googling God

Googling God

Living in a retirement community, Astrid was asked by her friend Mel if she would lead a Bible study. Mel had several friends who had expressed a desire to study the Bible. The more Astrid prayed about the study, the more her restless heart was inclined to start the study. Astrid and Mel discussed what material would challenge them to dig into the Word, yet was basic and easy to follow.

Years ago, Astrid had been involved in a Neighborhood Bible Study and was impressed by its effectiveness. With that in mind, the Lord led her to “Google” neighborhood Bible studies, which brought her to the NBS2go website. The more Astrid studied the website, the more she became convinced this was just what she was seeking! There were no books or DVDs to buy.  All the information she needed to start was on the website.

With prayer and the help of the Holy Spirit, Astrid and Mel started their Bible study.

Astrid and Mel began with the TRUST acrostic, paired with lessons in the Gospels. One lady said, “I’m like a sponge; I just keep soaking this up!” She also often said she wished she had heard the Gospel long ago. Soon, she was ready to receive Christ as her personal Savior and Lord. It was a special gathering as everyone listened to her repeat the sinner’s prayer for salvation.  She is telling her family and friends about her decision to trust Christ. The next study will be in Colossians to help this new believer grow in her walk with the Lord.

There are 1,400 people living in 10 buildings in Astrid’s and Mel’s retirement community. They have been praying about starting other groups in the community using the same materials.

“It would be amazing if there could be one NBS2go in each of the 10 buildings of residents here,” Astrid said. “Now I’m dreaming, but then again, why not? God is able!”

What could be possible in your neighborhood if you were willing to step out in faith?

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Michelle Coon photoMichelle Coon lives in Atlanta. She and her husband Jeff have two grown sons. On the weekends, they enjoy exploring the small towns of Georgia, hiking and finding a good farmer’s market. Michelle is an active participant and facilitator in Neighborhood Bible studies, and she is passionate about the Acrostic Bible Study Method.

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