Saying Yes: How One Word Can Impact a Whole Neighborhood

Saying Yes: How One Word Can Impact a Whole Neighborhood

It’s Friday morning and more than 30 cars are parked outside. Women are gathering, hugging and sharing stories. Their lives are changing, their families are changing. And I ask myself, “What if I had not said ‘yes’ to God? Seventeen years ago I almost said ‘no.’”

My family moved to a new neighborhood, just a mile away from my former home where I loved attending a Neighborhood Bible Study (NBS). I told the leader of that study, Debbie McGoldrick, I would still attend her study, but she challenged me; “I know God did not move you for a larger basement and more closet space. I believe He wants you to start a Bible Study in your new neighborhood.”

I resisted immediately. 

“I’m not equipped to lead a Bible Study, I don’t know any of my neighbors, and I have small children – I don’t have time!” But Debbie was persistent. We prayer-walked my new neighborhood, and God began changing my heart. Reluctantly and fearfully, I said ‘yes’ to God and put a notice in my neighborhood newsletter, asking for interest in an NBS, and 8 to 10 women called to say they would love it!

Bible Study ChristmasGod has been faithful these 17 years to grow our study to more than 40 women. Recently, a long-time resident and Homeowners Association board member, Diane Prindle, began visiting our NBS. She’d heard about the study and was so encouraged by the community of faith, she wrote an article for our neighborhood newsletter. It was a blessing to read her perspective on our NBS and how it impacts our neighborhood.

It makes me grateful  I said ‘yes’ to God.

Article reprinted below:

Do you ever wonder why 30-40 cars are parked in front of a neighbor’s home each and every Friday morning from mid-August to mid-May? It’s the Willow Springs Women’s Bible Study that was created by Jan Schuler shortly after she and her husband, Tom, moved from Spring Ridge to Willow Springs in 1997. Over the past 17 years, the group has grown from about eight to 40 individuals, and has never skipped a year! This is by far the largest and longest running organization in Willow Springs. Its members have provided incredible camaraderie and support for one another and others in our neighborhood. Jan reports that this study is open to all, regardless of one’s knowledge of the Bible, and it has often been the first connection for new neighbors. Friends outside of Willow Springs are also welcome. The group has ended their regular study for the summer, but will have monthly meetings, and a few members of the group are going on a summer mission trip to Guatemala. More information can always be found in our monthly newsletter.

Do you sense God asking you to reach out to your neighbors to create a Bible Study community? Do you believe He can equip you with everything you need to start and grow an NBS? Our website is a great place to start! So what’s holding you back from saying “Yes” to God?

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Jan-2-150x150Following the tragic loss of one of her children in 1992, Jan Schuler was invited by a neighbor to attend Debbie McGoldrick’s NBS. Through understanding God’s presence and purpose in trials and receiving the encouragement and love of neighbors, her heart began to heal. She knows personally the power of NBS to change lives and grow women in their faith journey. Read Jan’s story here. She began an NBS when she moved to a new neighborhood in 1998, and she is passionate about making NBS available to women at all stages of life. Jan handles marketing and promotion at NBS2GO.



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