Unforgettable: Meet Polly

Unforgettable:  Meet Polly

When my friend Polly was in her mid-80s she asked me, “Am I too old to start a Neighborhood Bible Study?”  Can you guess my immediate response? “You’re never too old! Let me help you.”   

So, several of us prayer walked her neighborhood, delivered invitations to every home, and watched God bring a group of women together for Polly’s first Neighborhood Bible Study group. For the next four or five years, she led her weekly NBS until her hearing and health declined and the group was disbanded.

She prayed tirelessly for someone to take leadership and bring the group back together.

NBS2GO prayer emailLast month, my dear friend Polly and I spent countless hours in her dimly lit bedroom reading Scripture, singing old hymns, and holding hands in prayer. One afternoon I found myself sitting in her rocker looking through her well read, studied and marked Bibles and prayer lists. When my eyes landed on a 1/9/15 NBS2GO prayer email, I choked up. She had underlined on her printed copy:  “Pray daily for awakened hearts to begin NBS in your surrounding neighborhoods” and in the margin she wrote “Barrington Farms,” the name of her subdivision.

Tears streamed down my cheeks as I realized that in her final days of suffering from cancer, she never gave up praying for someone to pick up the torch and lead a Bible study in her neighborhood. On February 6, 2015, Polly passed away at the age of 91, never seeing her prayer answered.

Matt & Melissa visiting Polly 12-14What happened at her memorial service still gives me chills.

Reene, a neighbor, handed me her business card and said, “Can we get together next week? I want to restart the Bible Study that Polly began in our neighborhood.”  Polly never saw her prayer become a reality in her lifetime, but she knew God heard and would answer in His time and in His way.

I have written Polly’s name in the margin beside Hebrews 11:13, “All these died not receiving everything that was promised them, but they saw it from afar and welcomed the promises.”  I’m praying that this unforgettable testimony of Polly’s obedience to begin a NBS in her 80s and her fervent prayers for her neighbors will encourage you to step out on faith regardless of the barriers – keep praying, keep believing whether you see the answer or not.

John 15:5-7              Jeremiah 17:5-8          Luke 18:1-8

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Debbie & Polly

Debbie McGoldrick is the founder of NBS2GO and blessed to be married to Mark and the adoptive mother of Melissa and Matt. Debbie is an avid collector of heart rocks and shells, a lover of color and always looking for a reason to go to the beach. Debbie is shown here with her dear friend, Polly.


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  1. Debbie, That is a beautiful tribute to a faithful woman. I think sometimes we get so spoiled when we DO see the answers to our prayers, that we expect to see them EVERY time.

    Trying to imagine Polly’s delight in Heaven as she sees the fruit of her love and faithfulness … amazing!

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