The Worst Financial Decision We Ever Made

The Worst Financial Decision We Ever Made

We are not the poster children for Dave Ramsey. We never have been and probably never will be!

We actually started the financial aspect of our married life perfectly. We took a money management class, and it was extremely helpful! We learned about saving, tithing and spending. We learned about debt and investing. We learned about having a personal budget that gave us freedom to spend instead of experiencing guilt. Twenty-three years later, we still live by many of the principles we learned.

But then the Lord led us overseas.

Walking by faith is never easy. 

What does faith cost? It costs everything. And it costs nothing.

For us, it cost seven years of celebrating once-in-a-lifetime milestones and moments with our extended family, like birthday parties and Christmas mornings. But it gave us the gift of watching someone’s eternity be changed forever, which never fails to take your breath away. It cost giving up “comfortable” and the pursuit of the American dream. But it gave our souls rest to know that we had a small part in a nation’s people turning their lives over to the One who is the Comforter. It cost the normal cultural parts of being an American, like Braves baseball games and SEC football (life in the South showing up here!). But we received hearts overflowing with abundant life as we grew to respect and love other cultures and people whom God created in His own image.

For seven years, we counted these specific costs. We moved to Budapest with a 2-year-old and a 1-year-old. Two more children were born there. We lived a lot of “life” there. We did grocery shopping and doctors visits. We did school and soccer. We did birthday parties and yes, even Christmas. We searched high and low for McDonald’s Playlands and ice for our Cokes. We also were privileged to be part of people hearing the life-changing message of our sweet Savior and turning to Him.

We rented a house during the entire seven years. Seven years of rent. Do the math! It was the worst financial decision of our lives. That is to say, IF finances are the most important thing about life. We followed what we believed the Lord wanted us to do. It was the best faith decision we ever made.

Honestly, living by faith is addictive. Once you feel the rush, there’s no turning back.

I wonder where these words find you on your own faith journey? Is the Lord is leading you to do something that requires big faith? Or maybe you’re considering what it will “cost” if you mention our Savior’s name to a neighbor? The first step is always the hardest. We’re in a similar spot right now. We are pressing into the Lord to hear from Him. He is guiding. We need Him to provide. We feel the rush. I wonder what He will do.

How about you? Where have you stepped out in faith?

“Without faith it is impossible to please God.” Hebrews 11:6

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  1. Yes, I have watched your walk of faith and am amazed how God always provides and how sharing the great commission was more important than “things” to you both. I am so proud to share that journey with you.

  2. Very timely thoughts. Thank you for sharing.

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