Gaze or Glance? Learning to Ride Your Big Girl Bike

Gaze or Glance? Learning to Ride Your Big Girl Bike

Teaching our kids to ride a “big bike” was a delight and a challenge. When the big day came, the instructions to my kids were quite simple. “Peddle while you GAZE at Mrs. Rooker’s red door. Don’t GAZE at the ground, at your feet or turn around to see if I am still holding onto your seat. GLANCE if you must and quickly return your GAZE to the red door.”

When their GAZE was on Mrs. Rooker’s red door, they succeeded. When they GLANCED at her door and GAZED down or turned around to look back, they wobbled or fell every time.

The Bible is filled with GAZE and GLANCE stories.

For example, when the psalmist sits GAZING on his circumstances/feelings/logic and only periodically GLANCES at God…he is overwhelmed with despair and discouragement. When he chooses to GAZE on God and merely GLANCE at his surroundings, he is uplifted and begins to experience peace and victory. Peter demonstrates “GAZE and GLANCE” in Matthew 14:22-33. When his GAZE is on Jesus, he walks on water. As soon as his GAZE turns toward the water, he sinks.

In Hebrews 12:1-2, we are challenged, “Let us run with endurance the race God has set before us. We do this by fixing (GAZE) our eyes on Jesus…” Just like riding a big bike, you will head and land in the direction of your GAZE, not your GLANCE. Join me in making it a habit to GAZE on God and His Word and briefly GLANCE at the surrounding circumstances, feelings and current events.

Who needs to hear about the GAZE and GLANCE principle today?

II Chronicles 20:12; Psalms 54; Psalms 5

DebbieDebbie McGoldrick is the founder of NBS2GO and blessed to be married to Mark and the adoptive mother of Melissa and Matt. Debbie is an avid collector of heart rocks and shells, a lover of color and always looking for a reason to go to the beach.

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  1. Today was God ever using this reminder just for me. Have sliced my pinkie finger and sliced through the nerves. Surgically repaired on Friday under general anesthesia. Very down today and yesterday. It has only been 5 months since the end of 9 months of chemo. Just starting to get back to something like a stride and bam! But, I had lost my gaze and fixed it on my circumstances and not the one who loves me. Looking at Jesus puts all things into perspective. Thanks for the reminder.

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