Settled in an Unsettled World

Settled in an Unsettled World

Is it possible to live “settled” in an “unsettled” world?

As I was sitting on the back porch pondering this question, I was reminded of Jesus’ words in Matthew 6:26: “Look at the birds.” The answer is in the observation. Birds instinctively surrender to God, their creator in everything. This total dependence upon God is in their very nature, and it results in no worries, complete peace and security. No wonder birds awaken the dawn with their song and never stop singing until night falls!

When storms come, they naturally fly directly into the wind, which causes them to soar above.

Unlike the birds, our surrender to God must be intentional, moment by moment. Only when fully surrendered, will you be free to sing His praises and soar on His promises. What comes naturally to a bird through its instincts can only be ours intentionally. Be honest: Are you “settled” or “unsettled” at this moment? If unsettled, look at the birds….surrender, sing and soar.

With which neighbor, family member or friend will you share this today?

Matt. 6:25-34; Psalm 34:1-3; Isaiah 40:28-31

DebbieDebbie McGoldrick is the founder of NBS2GO and blessed to be married to Mark and the adoptive mother of Melissa and Matt. Debbie is an avid collector of heart rocks and shells, a lover of color and always looking for a reason to go to the beach.

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