Listening Prayer: You Are a Raindrop or a River

Listening Prayer: You Are a Raindrop or a River

I often wonder….what if my desire to listen to God equaled His longing to speak personally with me? Listening prayer for me is simply being still in God’s presence, anticipating His voice, recording His words, impressions, or pictures, and then responding in love, faith and obedience to what He whispers. It’s absolutely amazing — I always receive exactly what my heart is longing for — sweet companionship, fresh encouragement and specific guidance. I’m praying that this excerpt from my “Listening Journal” will encourage you to begin a practice of listening to God. —Debbie

I woke you up twice last night with My message and specific direction “cancel Tuesday NBS2GO meeting.” Surprised, confused or relieved… all three, but you obeyed and I’m proud of you. Habakuk 2:3 – as you were reading this morning, I confirmed My whispered word to you and freed you to email your team and cancel. I so want to simplify your days in answer to your prayers and My desire for you – to walk in the “good works” I have prepared for you. Listen and obey. Tune in to My spirit’s whispers and written word. I will never fail you or forsake you.

I am the same yesterday, today and forever.

Raindrops and Rivers image #1

You will still have to listen in eternity… this time on earth is mere “basic training” for what I have planned for you – for and in eternity with Me. My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me, they stay close to Me. They trust Me when I’m near or far. They trust My words, My character, My ways… regardless of whether or not they make sense.

Raindrops: Diamonds sparkling on selected leaves as the sun’s rays catch the diminishing raindrops. As the breeze blows, the diamonds twinkle and then are gone – absorbed into the leaf or carried away on the wind.

???????????????????????????????Rivers: Sparkling diamonds – the sunshine on the moving, rippling river. Sun reflecting off the water is almost blinding. The ripples catch and carry My light. Whether the leaves or the river – both sparkle and twinkle because of My sun shining on My living water. The river is a noisy reflection; the leaves a silent one. One keeps flowing and moving; the other is absorbed or vaporized.

The truth remains; whatever I pour My light on reflects My twinkling, sparkling, diamond-like glory. Neither the raindrops nor the river are doing anything. One is being carried along by the currents and gravity. The other is sitting still and silent right where My raindrops fall.

You are a raindrop or a river.

It’s not yours to decide. My light will reflect off you as you are still and know that I am God – and when you are flowing and following My spirit in the direction I’m leading.
DebbieDebbie McGoldrick is the founder of NBS2GO and blessed to be married to Mark and the adoptive mother of Melissa and Matt. Debbie is an avid collector of heart rocks and shells, a lover of color and always looking for a reason to go to the beach.




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  1. The right words at the right moment. Thanks for sharing!

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