Torment or Triumph?

Torment or Triumph?

Are you or someone you love paralyzed by fear and depression?

For 40 days, Goliath’s torments paralyzed the armies of God. The more they listened to what this giant had to say, the more the army believed his threats until they were stopped dead in their tracks, paralyzed with fear and depression. Out of desperation, King Saul offered an outrageous reward for anyone who would kill and triumph over the giant.

Torments or Triumph 2

About the same time, an evil spirit began to torment King Saul. The more he entertained the spirit’s whispers, the more he became paralyzed with fear and depression. To keep himself from going mad, the king desperately sought someone who could help him triumph over this giant within. No amount of battle strategy, armor or rewards offered could kill either giant. The torment continued as depression and fear mounted, paralyzing King Saul from within and his entire army from without. Who was able to conquer these two giants? Was there anyone who could lift the paralyzed to a place of triumph?

Who would set the captives free? 

David, an ordinary shepherd boy with a harp and a sling, brought release to the paralyzed. His weapons of triumph were not physical, but spiritual. David knew God intimately, was confident in His promises and was not paralyzed by the tormenting taunts of either giant. King Saul’s triumph over his inner torment came from listening to David’s songs of praise to God. David’s praise-filled words and walk of courageous faith triumphed over Goliath’s torments.

What torments you or someone you love from within or without? What causes fear and depression in your life? What paralyzes you from living triumphantly? If speaking His praise out loud would set you free from fear and depression, would you consider making it a daily practice? If songs of praise became the background music of your life, bringing triumph over torments, would you regularly listen?

I Samuel 6:14-23; I Samuel 17:45-47; Psalm 103

DebbieDebbie McGoldrick is the founder of NBS2GO and blessed to be married to Mark and the adoptive mother of Melissa and Matt. Debbie is an avid collector of heart rocks and shells, a lover of color and always looking for a reason to go to the beach.

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