You’ve Got Mail…from God!

You've Got Mail...from God!

Hello ladies,

This just happened, and I must share it with you — an incredible story of how God connected a new gal in our neighborhood to our Neighborhood Bible Study.

A woman named D. moved here in the fall from New Orleans. She wanted to find a Bible study but without success.She’s been reading through the gospels by herself, and this morning after reading, she paused and prayed, and asked God to help her find a Bible Study where she could discuss what she’s learning and process it with other women. Shortly after she prayed, a package was delivered to her door, and she realized it was intended for a house down the street. She took the package to the correct house — where a member of our NBS lives! The two ladies introduced themselves, and D. mentioned that she is looking for a Bible study and asked where she might find one. Our NBS member said, “We have one right here in the neighborhood!” and invited her to a lunch our NBS is having this week.

God answered her prayer in one day!

My NBS gal gave me D.’s phone number, and I learned this story of her answered prayer when I called a few minutes ago to also invite her to the lunch. She’s planning to come and to join us for our remaining few studies before we close for summer. And we just happen to be studying the gospel of Luke, the next gospel after what she is currently reading! D. has lived here for several months, and she has only met one other woman before today. She will soon know a whole community of ladies with whom she can discuss the Bible. I love these NBS stories — such specific and visible answers to prayer!


Following the tragic loss of one of her children in 1992, Jan Schuler was invited by a neighbor to attend Debbie McGoldrick’s NBS. Through understanding God’s presence and purpose in trials and receiving the encouragement and love of neighbors, her heart began to heal. She knows personally the power of NBS to change lives and grow women in their faith journey. She began an NBS when she moved to a new neighborhood in 1998, and she is passionate about making NBS available to women at all stages of life. Jan handles marketing and promotion at NBS2GO.

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