Is God Creative Enough?

Is God Creative Enough?

Four children, one husband, one dog, PTA, room mom, tennis team, travel baseball, ballet lessons, lacrosse games, homework, college applications, crazy schedules…Doesn’t God know I am too busy?

I’m just too busy to take time to love my neighbor … um … as myself.

Does your busy look like mine? Maybe yours is feed an infant, get shower, brush teeth and microwave pizza? Perhaps yours is work, work some more, fix dinner and go to sleep? Do you feel too busy to serve right where you live?

Ask yourself this: Is God big enough to calm my schedule? Is He mindful of the demands of my family? Is He aware of my vulnerabilities? Does He remember my past? Has He forgotten my disobedient heart? Huh hem? Yes!

Yes, He knows all these things. Is God Creative Enough Image 2

Often I stop and ask myself, “Is God creative enough?” Is God creative enough to use my life and my story with my neighbors? Was He clever enough to place me right here with:

… my past

… my hurts

… my joys

… my circumstances?

Could He be creative enough to weave all these moments, all these experiences together to be used in the lives of my neighbors (and theirs to be used in my life)? Could He hand-pick where He wants me to live and expect me to trust Him to reach out with His love (and receive His love)? Could He possibly know what demands this season of life have and give me strength that only He could give?

Yes. Yes, He is. Yes, He has. Yes, He knows.

God places us exactly where He wants us to be to impact His kingdom for His glory. He knows us, understands our lives, and gives us grace so that we may share it with others. It’s simple: We don’t have to be creative. We just need to be willing. Huh hem! “Love your neighbor as yourself!”

Joan blogJoan Parsons, with three teen sons and one preteen girl under her roof, is thankful for her husband and naps. Between laundry loads and fixing beef, you might find her in the McDonald’s drive-through ordering a coke with extra ice and a chocolate chip cookie … because this is her happy place.




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