Why Did They Have to Die?

Why Did They Have to Die?

In the past four months, two of my loved ones have passed away — an uncle in September and a friend in December. In my humanness, I think that both were too young to part. Yet, I know God has a plan. There are no mistakes.

Reminders of my friend Kathleen are everywhere — her home, just a minute from our school; the faces of her family members and friends. Kind posts from her children’s friends are popping up on Instagram…emails and letters abound. Why? Why? Why? God, she is precious. We know you wanted her with you, but as my friend, April, put it, “Three baby girls are without their mama.”

Why Did They Have to Die Image 1None of us can answer the “Why?” We know not one sparrow falls from the sky without His notice (Matthew 10:29); that our days were numbered before we were born (Psalm 39:4). I cannot begin to understand why our loved ones have to leave us. I can attempt to answer one question, though. Why did He have to die?

Dan and Kathleen were not my parents, spouse or children. The loss I feel is immeasurably less than what those closest to them are feeling. This makes me consider how much it hurt — the agonizing, gut-wrenching pain — for God to give up His only son. The families of Dan and Kathleen didn’t choose to give them up. They didn’t ordain the day when they would die. They didn’t know the pain they would endure, the suffering, or when their loved ones would take their final breaths. God did know. And He did it anyway.

God gave up His Son. As a mom of two boys, that hurts my heart more than I can express. Yet, what if He had not? What if He decided it would hurt too much and the cost was too great? Everything would be different.

Why Did They Have to Die Image 3Consider the depth of loss that we would feel if we didn’t know where our loved ones were headed after death. Ponder the nothingness we would experience if we believed they were just remanded to the dirt instead of being loved on by God in our stead. The fact is… He did give so that we could live. We know our loved ones are “dancing on Heaven’s dance floor!” (thanks to Kate, a friend of Kathleen’s children, for that beautiful image!) So, Dan and Kathleen…take a whirl for us. Hug God close. Say “Hi” to Jesus for us. And…thank them, praise them, directly…for us!

In the introduction to her study on Hebrews, Lisa Harper wrote, “Why else would he have given His son? Why did He have to do it? For you. For me. For a precious relationship with Him all the days of our lives.” If you don’t know Him…folks, take a chance! I can’t begin to describe to you how amazing and precious and sweet it will be.

Don’t miss out! Call out to Him. Ask forgiveness. Seek Him. Your life will never, ever, be the same. Reach out. Let Him fill you up. Today. Now.

On Sunday, as we celebrate that Christ has risen, let us continue to remember THE greatest gift. Why did He have to die? For us…without this great sacrifice, we wouldn’t have the beautiful, grace-filled blessing of a sweet and precious relationship with the Father.

Written in memory of my Uncle Dan, friend Kathleen, and those at the Salvation Saloon who have lost eight members of their congregation these past months. We love you. You will not be forgotten.

*Flowered cross image by Marti Davie.

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Rebecca Davie is a wife of nearly 20 years, a mother of two teenage boys, a 120-pound Golden, and little bit of a Lhasa Poo. Years ago, God placed her into the role of editor for an online magazine, nurtured a love of writing and photography, and then delivered her to NBS2GO at its inception. While her nose is always in a book, she tries to keep her eyes on Him.


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