Diane’s story: Having a Heart for the Community Where God Plants Us

Diane's story: Having a Heart for the Community Where God Plants Us

Our family moved to Buford, Ga., from Florida two years ago in a total faith move. We had no jobs, no friends, family or connections. But we were convinced the Lord wanted us in this geographic location.

I’ve always had a heart for the community where God plants our family. After we settled in and began receiving employment opportunities, I began to yearn for neighborhood connections and a Bible Study. The Lord put on my heart to start a study, but I needed to wait for His leading. Soon, I met a neighbor whose husband is the pastor of a large, local church. I mentioned my yearnings to her, and we agreed to launch a study together at the New Year.

In the meantime, I met Debbie McGoldrick, and she shared all the Lord had placed on her heart and the NBS2GO studies. Once I saw the materials, I knew this would be perfect for a new neighborhood study, one that can both reach those who are newly seeking and those who already love delving deeply into the Word.

Intentionally, I opened our home for the neighborhood’s annual Christmas party. There I met women and shared our idea for launching a Bible study in the neighborhood. Several immediately desired to join us! Later, I learned that several of these ladies had specifically prayed for Christians to move into our house. Since launching one year ago, we have prayer walked and put out flyers inviting neighbors to our study several times. At Christmas this year, we hosted an Operation Christmas Child event. We are now planning a food drive. Many of us attend board meetings and social events with the openness to meeting new families. We are intentional about connecting and reaching out to neighbors with food, kindness and encouragement, even if they never join our Bible study.

I may never have met these women had it not been for our study. The love and commitment we have for one another is so strong. We “run,” not walk, to each other’s homes each week, looking forward to studying, growing and loving one another more.

Diane's StoryDiane O.’s Neighborhood Bible Study celebrated a year together in January.

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